With omnichannel fulfillment, you can deliver great customer experiences

An omnichannel approach is required to adapt to these new modes of commerce and fulfillment. Businesses must be able meet consumer demand no matter where they shop. Retailers need to be able to use their local stores to reduce fulfillment costs, manage supply chain challenges, and unlock experiences such as store pickup, last mile delivery, returns, and last-mile delivery. Walmart has been on this journey before and invested in technology and capabilities that have enabled us to drive omnichannel commerce.

Three ways to unlock Omnichannel Commerce and Fulfillment

It can seem easy to set up and implement omnichannel fulfillment for store pickup. This is where the challenge lies: Scaling this experience across multiple locations, store employees, shifts, and shifts to ensure that every associate can complete every order correctly and effectively, while still providing an excellent customer experience every time.

1. Store operations

Retail associates are crucial to providing great pickup and delivery experiences. They also serve as the customer’s most important touchpoint. It is important for retailers to establish clear roles and guidelines around omnichannel fulfillment. Retailers must reinforce omnichannel fulfillment procedures by providing training for multiple shifts to ensure that associates understand their roles and expectations. Retailers may also need to redesign their store layouts to ensure that customers and couriers know exactly where to find them and what to do when they get there to pick up an order.

2. Technology

Businesses are under a lot of pressure from supply chain issues. They must increase inventory leverage, regardless of whether the inventory is at an eCommerce fulfillment center or in a local shop. To drive sales, platforms must combine and surface inventory. This will allow associates to fulfil orders and not disappoint customers due to incorrect picks or unavailability. Mobile optimized experiences and integrated workflows are essential to ensure that orders are completed quickly, accurately, and at a reasonable cost. This will also help you provide a consistent great customer experience.

3. Integration experiences

Third-party fulfillment platforms are becoming more popular. They allow retailers to outsource store pickup, curbside pickup, delivery, and other services. Retailers can have a seamless, integrated omnichannel fulfillment experience that allows them to control the entire process. This is crucial for understanding customer behavior across channels and building loyalty.

It’s not easy to create seamless, integrated experiences across ecommerce stores, retail technology platforms and mobile devices. Retailers need to create integrated experiences that are accessible to customers and associates. Customers must understand what is happening with their order and when it will be available for pick-up. Clear communication between associates and customers is essential. Management must have visibility into fulfilment rates and customer wait time. Integrating customer and associate experience creates seamless fulfillment. It can also scale to increase accuracy and efficiency.

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Walmart has built a comprehensive set of technologies over the last 15 years that has enabled us to deliver world-class customer pickup and curbside delivery experiences. These technologies have allowed Walmart to expand pickup and delivery in thousands of stores around the world, while increasing digital adoption, reducing wait time, and improving its Net Promoter Score. Walmart Commerce Technologies offers the same innovative and scalable solutions to retailers that powers the largest retailer in the world. Walmart Commerce Technologies offers a range of cloud-powered checkout options and turn-key fulfillment capabilities tailored to your business. It helps retailers transform their operations and provide a better customer experience online and offline.

Walmart Commerce Technologies and Adobe Commerce have partnered to bring Store Fulfillment capabilities into the market. This allows retailers, CPG manufacturers, and distributors to turn their locations into micro fulfillment centers, while also facilitating seamless pickups for customers and associates. All businesses will have access to our Store Fulfillment extension, which is fully integrated into Adobe Commerce. It will be available in Q2 2022.

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