Why Bluetooth Low Energy is the Best Choice for Mobile Printing

People most commonly think of Bluetooth as the wireless technologies which lets them connect a mobile device to a vehicle or an earpiece. Bluetooth has given rise, but to a more recent generation of wireless technologies — Bluetooth low energy (BLE) — that was first introduced in 2011. Now, BLE is the ideal alternative for mobile printing and other devices that require short bursts of connectivity.

So as to comprehend why BLE is fantastic for all mobile printing requirements, it is important to understand the difference between Bluetooth and BLE. Bluetooth connectivity is intended for devices like wireless speakers and headsets, mobile phones, and is excellent for streaming applications like Pandora or Netflix. In contrast, Bluetooth low energy (also called Bluetooth 4.0) is exactly what its title states: low power consumption wireless technology.


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How can BLE work?

Bluetooth and BLE both operate on the same 2.4 GHz ISM band. Unlike regular Bluetooth that utilizes a whole lot of power, BLE remains in sleep mode until a connection is initiated using a mobile device. The links are short bursts since the information is traded quickly. Bluetooth low energy apparatus’ energy intake levels are so low; a single device can operate on exactly the exact same battery for ages. Evidently, Bluetooth low energy is not likely to work for Netflix, but its’ ideal for devices that only have to exchange data quickly and invisibly, like a mobile printer.

Who will use BLE apparatus?

BLE is ideal for devices that don’t have to stream large quantities of data continuously. This universal-low power wireless standard makes it easy to connect any merchandise to a smartphone or tablet computer. BLE is the wireless technology used for individual exercise devices (such as Fit Bits), as well as for tracking sensors and mobile printers in cab, rideshare, and delivery applications.

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Where can you use them?

Bluetooth low energy mobile printers are small and light, and can easily be carried by servers in restaurants, delivery drivers, and employees in intermodal facilities and warehouses. They may be used to print invoices, labels, receipts, and other files.

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ConnectPOS has a lot of BLE-enabled printers which range from compact models that measure just a few inches and fit into a pocket or apron, to more robust options at affordable price points. Star’s mobile printers are fantastic for indoor/outdoor usage, field service and restaurant environments where they can get wet or dropped. These devices also have an external power cable so that they can be charged anytime, anyplace, even on the street.

Simple to use, even for BYOD offices

BLE printers are compatible with a large installed base of mobile phones, tablet computers, and computers. Star’s line of mobile printers is easy to use with any Apple iPad® or iPhone® BLE device and does not require pairing. There is no limit on the amount of devices which may be connected to the mobile printers, which makes it the perfect solution for a BYOD (bring your own device) workplace. Employees do not need to search for”their own” tablet computer or mobile device; they could catch any equipment to complete the job at hand. Star’s mobile printers are also compatible with other operating systems, including Windows and Android.

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