What’s this beacons technology?

Competition in retail is ferocious than ever and now there’s just one more thing to add to the ferocity — beacon technology.

With smart phones now a frequent thing, mobile marketing approaches are becoming more prominent and innovative. Increasingly, retailers are turning into beacon technology to blur the line between ins-store and online shopping experience.

So, what’s the beacon technology? Why do retailers need to use it? What is in it for customers? And, what is the catch?

What’s this beacon technology?

These beacons are Bluetooth devices that communicate with prospective clients’ smartphone in the hopes of enhancing their in-store shopping experience. The automated messages are sent via these beacons based on shopper’s place in the store along with other relevant factors.

When installed in a shop, beacons find smartphones in its proximity and send messages like discount vouchers, adverts or even product details. What’s more, the beacons can collect information on these consumers based on their motion in the shop.

Why do retailers need to use it?

There are multiple projected benefits of this beacon technology — three to be exact.

To start with, they empower retailers to send location-specific messages to customers in real time. By way of instance, a prospective client is in-store, considering particular sort of merchandise, beacon can send that product related info or dismiss message to that client’s mobile. It is about’hit iron while its hot’ — once customer has left an aisle, it’s very likely that he/she will purchase the product on the internet or from another shop. With direct messages, beacon helps convert dead leads into sales.

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Now that leads us to the next advantage that’s data collection, insights and analytics. Beacons can send messages based on individual’s shopping routine and tastes. By way of instance, you can provide first-time people welcome loyalty points just for visiting the shop. Likewise you can provide bonus loyalty points to your loyal customers!

Last but not least, your employees can use data from beacons to hjke up client service levels. By way of instance, beacons will help employees find out if they’re speaking to a first timer or a loyal client. Your shop staff can attend to a client and provide tailored counsel based on customer’s purchase history, brand preferences and so forth.

Use ConnectPOS point of sale system with your in-store beacon technologies to combine online shopping history with in-store data to have a clear understanding of your company.

What is in it for customers?

The majority of us do not like mobile ads. Our phones being miniature computers nowadays, we have already got a good deal on it and advertising is most likely the last thing we need there. However, superior thing about in-store messaging and advertisements through beacon is they are related to time, location and action. Beacons deliver content on a really precise scale.

There are numerous situations where beacon messaging are useful. By way of instance, direction to my favorite aisle once I walk into a new branch of my favorite shop, or recognise me as a returning customer and provide some reduction as I walk in. With this, we will not have to take discount coupons!

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What is the catch?

The beacon technology is brand new and the largest hurdle will be to take customers on board. For beacons to work, customers must get that shop’s app downloaded on their phone and have it available when they walk in the shop and will need to be certain that phone’s Bluetooth is on. Now, that’s a lot of steps just in order to have a company serve you a notification about a sale on tops.

To conclude, the beacon technology is in its infant stage and like every other tech it has its drawbacks. But from the standpoint it appears to be promising. Hopefully, as the users grow and technology evolves, a solution to this issues will surface mechanically.

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