What is a measurement plan? And why does your webshop need one?

The way businesses operate has been revolutionized by big data. Online stores offer the greatest advantage of being able to track everything customers do. Online stores allow you to track exactly what customers do in your store. According to a Forrester survey, 70% of data decision-makers collect data faster than they can use it. Still, 67% of data decision-makers need more data. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. It can be quite daunting to try and make sense of all the data as a decision-maker. The most important thing is to establish a data infrastructure. This starts with a measurement program. But what exactly is a measurement program?

A measure plan is a way to quantify the success of your webshop. It can be done in one document, or dashboard. The measurement plan shows you what data you need to collect. These are the four most important benefits of implementing a measurement program, according to our experience.

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Alignment of your marketing staff

Your eCommerce store should be focused on the areas that have the greatest impact. This is the basis of a solid measurement plan. This is why setting business goals is an essential step in creating a measurement program. The end result will serve as a single point-of-truth for all marketing efforts directed at the same goals. Organise a kick-off meeting with your marketing professionals to discuss the goals for the next period. They should then work closely with data analysts in order to identify KPIs that can be improved to reach their goals. Your team is the best way to align your efforts in reaching your goals. They are experts in their field and you should trust them.

You can filter big data to find the right metrics for your eCommerce goals

There are many options when it comes to selecting the right metrics. This is where the power and importance of the measurement plan come in. After the KPIs are set, it is time to analyze and identify the most important metrics that will help you reach your goals. Segmentation is crucial here. Segmentation is key to determining which metrics are most relevant for your situation. This is how a measurement plan might look at the end.


Finalizing the measurement plan involves setting tracking codes and creating an automatic dashboard. reduce data noise from various platforms to create a customized dashboard. As a starting dashboard, create a measurement plan and then add pages to cover more detailed metrics from different platforms. These platforms are meant for professionals who can do extensive analysis. You don’t need to go through every page to verify site performance.

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Transform data into actionable insights to make better decisions

You will now have identified the goals you want to reach, segments you need to focus on, and metrics you need to improve in order to meet your targets. Your team is an integral part of your business, and should be involved in every step. They should use this dashboard to see what is happening . It will help them to prioritize their efforts and time. A dashboard that includes all relevant metrics and targets can be automated will facilitate data-driven decision making. It greatly speeds up the process of making decisions.

For example, let’s say your business is in a highly competitive market and you run paid promotions. The page rank should be one of your metrics. To stay at the top, your PPC team must do everything possible. Their recommendations will be based on the budget. They might recommend improving ad quality, finding long-tail keywords or even suggest product page improvements.

Important eCommerce metrics should be improved

Even though it is obvious, we saved the best for last. Your webshop and marketing efforts can be optimized quickly using data to achieve the desired results. How can you increase your revenue? How to lower marketing costs Customer loyalty: How to increase customer loyalty? Although this may sound cliché, it is true when your team understands your goals.

Which group of data users are you part? Are you in a group that has too much or too little data? Are you unsure if your data is helping you to make the right decisions? Either way, you can solve your problems by creating a measurement program. Once the plan is in place, it will be possible to quickly analyze large amounts of data and give relevant insights that allow people to take meaningful action .

A measurement plan is an essential step in providing eCommerce Advanced Analytics services. Let us show you how we can help!

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