Walgreens will hire 25,000 people to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

Walgreens will receive its first COVID-19 vaccine doses on Dec. 21. They will then begin giving shots to residents of nursing homes and workers at more than 35,000 long-term care facilities during the days leading to Christmas. Walgreens will hire 25,000 Americans to administer the vaccine. This includes 9,000 pharmacists and other healthcare workers. According to the Chicago Tribune, Walgreens will provide the vaccine to long-term care facilities in partnership with PharMerica pharmacy service provider. Walgreens stated that it is ready to increase access to the vaccine through its over 9,000 stores when COVID-19 vaccines are available in greater numbers in 2021.

Total Retail’s Take: It’s an early Christmas miracle. Walgreens is now offering the COVID-19 vaccine to millions of Americans. Walgreens won’t be the only retailer that will offer COVID-19 vaccine doses. This means more Americans will have the chance to get them.

CVS Health is, for instance, preparing 10,000 healthcare professionals to administer the shots, Larry Merlo, CEO of CNBC, stated last week. Walmart also prepares more than 5,000 pharmacies in-store to receive the vaccine. It will be interesting to see how these vaccines impact the bottom line of retail pharmacies that distribute them. Although the initial dose is being distributed outside brick-and-mortar pharmacies, once it becomes available in-store, incremental buying will likely occur.

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Five Reasons Every Retail Associate Should Have a Mobile Device

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers invested in their stores by rightizing their real estate footprints. This allowed them to reshape the store experience around customer engagement. Retailers are now faced with the challenge of maintaining the same level engagement while providing a safe, contactless experience and managing social distance. It is becoming an increasingly important, revenue-generating part of this strategy to put a mobile device in the hands of retail associates.

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Delivering these amazing experiences requires that you provide the right information and services at the right time to customers. The best way to achieve this is to equip every retail associate with mobile phones and easy access to data. The future of retail is dependent on associate mobile.

Mobile enables retailers to maximize the economic value and productivity of their associates by giving them the ability to achieve better results in five key areas: clienteling, assistive selling, clienteling (POS), curbside and workflow.

1. Assistive selling

Research shows that interaction with knowledgeable associates is both a driver for store traffic and a fuel for satisfying customers.

Customers feel more knowledgeable than the store staff when they use mobile devices. A retail associate can embody the brand by having a mobile device at their disposal. An associate can personalize the experience based on search history, VIP status, and other details; access expert product information and demos; locate merchandise in store or through another channel; place orders; schedule services; and so forth.

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2. Clienteling

Clienteling allows associates to build profitable relationships with customers through maintaining contact outside of the store environment. This includes:

  • Customers can be reached via SMS/email to receive links to products that they might like to purchase online or in-store.
  • Notifying customers when new or similar products are available.
  • Customers reminded to purchase items that are running low.
  • You can send personalized messages/discount codes to your anniversary or birthday.
  • Both customer and associate can make appointments or reservations for visits to stores.

It is designed to build customer loyalty, drive sales, and increase associate motivation through rewarding them for revenue increases.

3. Mobile POS

As consumers are eager to leave the store quickly, long checkout lines can be a deterrent. Retailers can increase revenue by empowering associates with mobile technology to instantly check on customers.

Mobile POS can be used in high-touch formats to facilitate sales activities. Low-touch formats allow consumers to quickly approach an associate and be on their way.

4. BOPIS and Curbside Service

Adobe Analytics data shows that curbside orders for buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS), increased by 62 percent from February through March 21st, and there is no sign of a slowing down. Customers will expect more from the curbside pickup experience. The ability to equip associates with mobile devices allows them to facilitate everything, from inventory checks to curbside exchanges and returns. Since COVID curbside order have increased by 208 percent , and by 59 percent , customers are more likely to continue curbside pick-up .

5. Workflow

Retailers will be able to deploy their workforce more strategically when they have better visibility of what is happening on the floor. This allows them to react quickly to changes in store conditions. A supervisor can assign an associate to ensure inventory accuracy and then immediately shift the worker to direct revenue-driving activity, as needed.

Imagine a retail associate is given the task of setting up a display. Then, he or she gets overwhelmed by click-and-collect orders and a customer who wants to locate inventory. A mobile device can be used to instantly reassign the associate to click-and-collect, and to access an immediate flow of orders without any administrative downtime. Mobile helps associates stay on the sales floor.

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Mobile is the Future of Retail

It’s impossible to just passively set up the pieces and hope that store shoppers find the right product. Retailers must ensure that each store visit exceeds customer expectations to drive repeat sales, engagement, and revenue. Your secret weapon for ensuring that this happens is your store associates. Retailers can transform a store visit by giving every associate a mobile phone. This allows them to combine the digital, physical, and personal. Customers will feel satisfied.

Source: https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/5-reasons-why-every-retail-associate-needs-a-mobile-device/

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