Upgrade Your Own Seafood Market Point of Sale System

Sarah Fitch, Mount Pleasant Seafood director, was working her family-owned market with an obsolete point of sale system. It did its job, but she came to ConnectPOS prepared for an update and more integrated capabilities.


Point of Sale Features for Specialty Markets

Rather than spending hours counting what is in stock and keeping track on paper, Sarah can currently manage inventory with her new POS system. Her vendors are all in 1 spot, making orders simpler than ever. After receiving a dispatch, Sarah can upgrade her merchandise count in the system and both of her registers will be up-to-date.

If you own or run a grocery store or specialty market, you know how important stock monitoring and purchase orders are. That is why Sarah is eager to ditch the pencil and paper procedures and upgrade to something more effective!

The Significance of POS System Tech Service

There’s always a small chance something will go wrong when working with technology. Our laptops begin to slow down and our telephones crash or temporarily stop sending texts. These glitches are annoying, but thankfully, they are not detrimental.

However, once you’re a small business that greatly depends upon the technology of your point of sale system, it is somewhat more serious. In cases like this, you want to be sure that you’re supported when something is not functioning how it should.

24/7 POS Tech Support: The Harsh Truth

Most point of sale businesses claim to be there for you 24 hours every day, seven days weekly. However, you’d be surprised by the details hiding in the fine print.

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Sure, someone will answer your call for assistance in 10 p.m. — but typically, the tech team’s capacity to fix your problem”after hours” will be based on the intensity of the circumstance. An out of service printer is not considered a big deal to many tech support groups, and they will probably tell you to wait till the next morning to resolve the matter. However, for you, not having the ability to print receipts means angry customers and lost business. Your clients deserve having proof of the purchase — just like you deserve a POS company that has your back.

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In-house vs. Outsourced Support

One more thing that point of sale companies will not share publicly is where their service is coming from. You may sign your bargain believing the people you’ve worked with during your buyer travel are the exact men and women who will be there to help — but that is usually not true.

Many POS companies outsource their service to call centers in various countries, which isn’t perfect when it comes to getting the help you require. Someone from a call centre on the opposite side of the planet is not likely to be knowledgeable about your organization and your point of sale setup. They won’t have some background in your hardware and software, business pain points, or how your install went.

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While someone who’s unfamiliar with your situation might be able to help in your time of need, it’s far more effective to work with the exact men and women who’ve been there for you in the start. Having consistent contacts means you won’t have to explain all the details again and again — and we can guarantee that your problem will be solved much quicker.

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Create Stand Point of Sale Solutions

An Improved Customer Experience

Whether your state law requires it or not, several market owners enjoy providing customers with the chance to find out what’s being rung up during a transaction. Rolling Hill Farms wanted a point of sale system which had this feature and worked fast to maintain down their lines. With a updated point of sale system, it is possible to let customers see precisely what you’re ringing up on the pole screen — item weight, amount, cost, and much more!

Managing Market Inventory

The group at Rolling Hill Farms has also mentioned how much they love having the ability to monitor their inventory. Their POS system outlines what is selling and where their losses are the managers can make significant business decisions. They also mentioned that they often have discounts on their own produce, and with the industry POS applications, everything is applied automatically. While many produce stands have a manual checkout procedure, Rolling Hill Farms can appreciate a more efficient solution — making time to focus on clients and bigger business decisions!

Update Your Produce Stand POS System

If you manage a produce stand or specialty market which has a lot of unique items like Rolling Hill Farms, we’ve got a point of sale solution for you! Take a look at the video review below to hear from the stand manager herself, and see why our system has made a difference to their business.






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