Turning first-time Clients into repeat business

The challenges facing retailers, especially new ones, are plentiful but possibly one of the more pressing issues they confront is the art of turning seasonal clients into repeat business.

Shoppers and retailers alike pencil in holidays like Black Friday, Boxing Day and Cyber Monday for a retailing extravaganza. Shoppers look to these dates to catch the best deal, whereas retailers will look to get as many people in their door as possible. However, the problem retailers are faced with is how a lot of those customers are coming back to their shop, after those holiday sales are ended?

Seasonal shoppers are cyclical, but it does not necessarily make for great enterprise. That is why it’s crucial to begin turning those clients into loyal followers — customers that will return regularly to shop — now.

Here are a few hints on how best to accomplish that.

Loyalty Program

Adding a loyalty program for your clients is a fantastic way to get clients into your door more often. Building upon high volume traffic days, such as Black Friday, is crucial for retailers to have the ability to tap into, and there is no better way to be certain happens, than via an integrated loyalty program.

What is great about loyalty programs is how easy it is to set up, especially if that is incorporated into your POS system. Simply issue loyalty cards to your clients upon their first purchase — using an application process that’s simple to fil out (preferably with an email address) — and have them start earning points immediately. Encouraging your customers to come back to your store by providing them things is an inherent benefit of this program, enticing people to take complete advantage of your special offers.

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From there it is about setting parameters into the loyalty program , i.e. how your purpose earning rewards and rules. Create something that’s ideal for your company, and be clear with your clients about from the start. Whether you choose to have your points used for discounts on marked prices or on freebies, know that you wish to lure the customer to come back and shop again, not push them away.

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Customer Service

When we think of fresh ideas to grow our company, we are often thinking of large-scale, grandiose ideas which will completely transform how you do business, and finally increase that bottom line. Yet sometimes, it is better to concentrate on the small things and providing excellent customer service certainly falls under that umbrella. By way of instance, with a retail management systems like ConnectPOS that could help you function better, offer discounts and also help you understand your best clients.

Creating positive answers with your new clients can go a long way in the retail sector, as first impressions are the difference in a client coming back or preventing the shop altogether. As a merchant, it will become imperative to make certain that your staff (and yourself) is courteous, careful and generally helpful every time a client needs it.

Going beyond just ways however, it is important to reach out to your clients and provide follow up assistance, particularly in these days and weeks after the big holiday shopping days. If you have managed to sign up customers to your loyalty program, why don’t you supply another discount or coupon code to lure them back.

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In-store & Online Branding

An extension of superior customer service is improving your brand, your in-store aesthetics, at every available opportunity. This means propelling your company into a sleek, contemporary outfit which makes clients want to shop in, and finally return to. Including taking advantage of one of the latest additions to a lot of shops — the iPad based POS software that is mobile. Taking the retail service directly to the clients, is a brand new, but innovative way to conduct business. It gives a quicker service — removing those annoying checkout times — that is a helpful tip to keep you ahead of your competition, and also a reason for your customers to return.

The other element to consider when getting the contemporary consumer in mind, is the way you present your online shop. Seasonal shoppers are regularly regarded as such, since they do not have time during the day. By enhancing your online shop, and making it easier for your clients to see all of the products you have available, you encourage repeat business.

Email Marketing

We have spoken about building your client directory, and a terrific way to follow that through is by email marketing. Consider these mails to be’nurturing’ in the sense that you are softly displaying your brand in the eyes of your client. This can come through in various ways but is most commonly seen in the shape of welcome emails, usually seen a while following a customer’s first purchase.

With welcome mails, you get a blank canvas in which to present and promote your company. Foster an emotional connection with your customers, by describing them your story as a company and your vision. It is a relationship that does not need to start by you offering them a swarm of new promotions, but instead it is about just saying hello.

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From there you can expand your marketing horizons by offering special promotions, discounts and exciting new releases on a scheduled basis. Think about a marketing application, such as MailChimp, to integrate with your POS to produce this email advertising process, easy to set up and use.

The retail sector relies on its link with its clients, and in-turn clients relies on retailers to give them the purchasing satisfaction they crave. That gratification can stem from several diverse steps, some of which we have listed here, to enhance the relationship between the parties. Consider creating a customer experience that’s second to none — and really better than your opponents — to have that shopper return, and provide you the repeat business that you want to thrive.

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