Top 5 Shopify POS Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Shopify POS is a popular tool among eCommerce and omnichannel businesses, known for its robust features and seamless integration. However, depending entirely on one platform may not always meet every business’s unique needs or preferences. This article delves into the best Shopify POS alternatives in 2024, offering businesses a broader perspective on tools that could enhance their operations and provide a more customized experience.


Issues with Shopify POS

While Shopify POS Go is a powerful tool within the Shopify ecosystem, it comes with its own set of challenges that could impact your business operations. Here are some key drawbacks to consider:

Incompatibility with Bluetooth Hardware

Shopify POS Go lacks support for Bluetooth-enabled devices such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and card readers. This limitation poses a significant challenge for merchants dependent on these devices for efficient transactions and enhanced customer service. If your business has already invested in Bluetooth technology or requires specific Bluetooth functionalities, this restriction could limit your options for device compatibility and affect overall operations.

Additional Costs for Optional Add-ons

Shopify POS Go provides essential features, but many useful extensions come at an additional cost. These optional add-ons can significantly increase the overall cost of ownership. It’s important for merchants to carefully assess the necessity of these enhancements against their budget and business objectives. Opting for multiple add-ons can escalate expenses and may necessitate considering other POS systems that offer more comprehensive features at a better value.

Dependency on Shopify Payments

The use of Shopify POS Go mandates the adoption of Shopify Payments as the sole payment processing solution. This requirement can be restrictive for businesses that have existing relationships with other payment processors or prefer the features and pricing of alternative options. The enforced switch to Shopify Payments could lead to operational modifications, potential service interruptions, and missed opportunities for cost savings or better-suited features that align with specific business models.

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Geographic and Currency Limitations

Shopify Payments, integral to Shopify POS Go, may not support all geographical regions or currencies. This limitation can be a significant barrier for businesses looking to expand internationally or operate in regions with diverse currency needs. Before committing to Shopify POS Go, ensure that Shopify Payments is compatible with your business’s geographical and currency requirements to avoid potential operational hurdles.

Vulnerability to Policy Changes

Relying on Shopify Payments also means compliance with Shopify’s policies, which may change over time. These policy changes could directly influence how transactions are processed and funds are managed, potentially requiring businesses to adapt their operations or adhere to new regulations that may not align with their strategic goals.

Top 5 Best Shopify Alternatives for Retailers


ConnectPOS emerges as an exceptional choice among Shopify POS alternatives in 2024, offering advanced features that cater specifically to the needs of eCommerce enterprises. This POS system not only enhances in-store operations but also ensures seamless integration of online sales channels.

Customizable and comprehensive: ConnectPOS allows businesses to tailor its features to their unique needs, including customizable receipts, quote management, and order customization. This flexibility helps overcome the restrictive nature of Shopify POS, which often lacks such adaptive features.

Omnichannel integration: Efficiently manage your business operations across all channels with ConnectPOS. Its real-time synchronization ensures updated data across online and physical stores, providing a cohesive customer experience.

Data-driven insights: With advanced reporting and analysis tools, ConnectPOS empowers businesses to make informed decisions by tracking order history and managing taxes efficiently. These insights help optimize operations and increase profitability.

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Flexible payment solutions: ConnectPOS enhances customer checkout experiences by supporting a wide range of payment processors, offering an alternative to the restrictive Shopify Payments system.

Risk-free trial: Explore the capabilities of ConnectPOS with a 14-day free trial, giving businesses a chance to test its comprehensive features without any upfront investment.

Free trial


Lightspeed is a one-stop commerce platform that connects retailers with their online and physical operations anywhere.

This alternative to Shopify POS allows retailers to access detailed sales reports within minutes, easily identify best-selling items, and use built-in customer profiles to provide personalized service, thus increasing customer loyalty. The system also facilitates inventory management and omnichannel sales, enabling expansion into new locations, global payments, and finance.

With tools like omnichannel loyalty, built-in eCommerce, and in-depth analytics, retailers can quickly grow their businesses. This system provides substantial support to organizations of all sizes and in various fields, including retail, restaurant, or golf.

Square POS

Square POS is a top alternative to Shopify POS. It offers integrated sales reports that allow merchants to access their sales data from any device.

It provides real-time hourly sales reports for each location, transaction, and deposit tracking. The solution also helps businesses with inventory management by notifying users of low or out-of-stock items, and allowing inventory levels to be exported to a printable spreadsheet.

Moreover, Square equips both large and small firms with the necessary tools to run and grow their businesses. In terms of payment processing, it supports multiple payment methods to ensure the best experience for both the seller and the buyer. From sales and inventory tracking to rich analytics and small business financing, Square offers a full suite of services that can make business operations less daunting.

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QuickBooks POS

QuickBooksPOS is an online solution that caters to the needs of various businesses.

It offers an online inventory management service, allowing access from anywhere and enabling automatic payments to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooksPOS and Shopify have collaborated to provide users with a modern, integrated retail solution equipped with tools and features to facilitate selling in multiple locations and managing everything from a single platform.

It is poised to become one of the top Shopify POS alternatives in 2024, assisting businesses in enhancing accuracy and minimizing data entry errors.

Clover POS

Clover POS is a leading POS system consolidating cash registers, payment terminals, receipt printers, and barcode scanners into one integrated product suite.

It’s easy to set up and allows businesses to start receiving payments quickly. As one of the best Shopify POS alternatives, Clover offers a seamless checkout process by accepting multiple payment methods, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience and encouraging customer retention.


As we’ve explored the top 5 Shopify POS alternatives for 2024, it’s clear that retailers have several robust options beyond Shopify POS. Each platform provides unique features that cater to different business needs, from enhanced customization and improved payment flexibility to superior data analytics. Choosing the right POS system can significantly influence your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Retailers are encouraged to consider these alternatives to find the best match for their specific requirements, ensuring their business remains competitive and adaptable in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

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