To Attract Holiday Shoppers in-Store, Use Back-to-School Season’s Learnings

As parents plan for their first school return in almost two years, the back-to-school season is over. Marketers who achieved success had a plan to capitalize on the surge and help them gain market share. There are many lessons that brands can learn from back-to school season, including the pandemic-driven boom in e-commerce and the recent hope for a return of more normal life. It’s crucial that brands have an omnichannel strategy to reach customers online and offline when planning for the holiday season.

Rakuten Advertising’s recent study showed that 89 percent of parents planned to do at least some of their back–to-school shopping in-store. Marketers who have had back-to school success used strategies to attract in-person shoppers using the digital ecommerce infrastructure that was built during the pandemic.

Marketers need to be innovative and make strategic investments in order to profit from the holiday shopping frenzy. The holiday shopping trends will likely mirror the back-to school trend. These trends can be used to help holiday marketers implement similar strategies on a larger scale.

Deals, Discounts, and Other Deals

75% of consumers said they were likely find deals online and in-store when shopping for back-to-school. Holiday shoppers will be searching for the best deals, just like back-to school. Holiday marketers must leverage incentives and deals to attract shoppers, including Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Holiday marketers will need to look at promotions and discounts as a way of incentivizing people to shop.

Retailers can use the same digital channels they used throughout the pandemic for exclusive offers outside of in-store. Different shoppers will be able to benefit from in-store digital coupons, cash back offers, and card-linked deals. Retailers will be able offer consumers many incentives by diversifying the offers and promotions they make available.

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The Mind of the Consumer

To drive foot traffic in-store, retailers must think like consumers. Retailers need to think like consumers to drive foot traffic and convert it.

To allow customers to shop in the manner they prefer, retailers should use omnichannel promotions. They should invest in making the buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS), process as smooth as possible. An online marketplace should reflect their in-store stock so that people can easily check if the products they are interested in buying are available. Online returns and exchanges can help get the customer in the door.

Spread The Word

Marketers need to make these in-store experiences more accessible so that customers are aware of them. Marketers need to emphasize the many benefits of shopping in-store in order to attract customers who aren’t sure if they want to shop online.

People can try on clothes to see how they fit when shopping in person. People can touch and feel the fabric of the clothes and determine their quality. Online shopping is a calculated risk. The items may not look or feel the same in-store as online. As a way of attracting more customers to their stores, holiday marketers need to remind people about these memorable in-person experiences.

Marketers will be able capitalize on the holiday season by combining the power of rewards-driven incentive with the emotion and experience that comes from in-store shopping to win over their competitors.

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