These are 3 tips to create the perfect pop-up shop

Pop-ups were valued at 50 billion in 2016 and will continue to grow as more companies discover this strategy as a way for them to innovate and experiment.

Pop-up shops are a success story. Pop-up shops allow brands to explore new markets without having to commit to a permanent location. Brands have greater flexibility today with rental leases, which allows them to move quickly and decide where they want to expand. Brands can gain a better understanding of the demand by investing in short-term locations and making smarter long-term choices.

Pop-up shops offer opportunities to test new campaigns and concepts, in addition to reaching new markets. Pop-up shops allow brands to test new products and services while gaining valuable data that will help improve customer service. A pop-up shop can delight and excite existing customers as well as attract new customers to unfamiliar brands. Brands can learn more about their customers by inviting them to try the products and thereby attract new customers.

Pop-ups have been thriving for years. The pop-up is not easy to master, just like any other emerging channel. These are three tips to help you decide if this is the direction that you want to go.

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1. Establish a clear goal.

Pop-up territory has many benefits. Before you jump in, it is important to have clear goals for your pop-up. Do you want to test new markets before opening a permanent brick and mortar store? Are you trying out a new product? Creating buzz for your brand. No matter what your goal, be clear about it from the beginning. Make sure that all decisions are in line with this goal.

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If you want to get more publicity, your pop-up should be more than a place for products. A hook is essential. A hook can help you draw people to your site. Think about how you promote new products if they are being tested. Perhaps you will highlight products that are only available in the pop-up and promote them using a mobile app.

2. Your pop-up shop should be a success.

Pop-ups can be more than just brick-and-mortar shops. You shouldn’t treat them like that. Your pop-up shop must have a reason for customers to visit it, even if they can order products online or have never had contact with your brand before. Your pop-up can be used to offer exclusive deals and other engaging services.

Cuyana’s pop up personal products, such as bags and purses with monogrammed designs for customers in-store, is an example. Customers who brought old clothes to the pop-up store received credits.

Bark & Co’s Pop-Up let dogs shop for their toys using RFID technology. This allowed them to keep track of which toys they used the most. The brand’s mobile app allowed owners to purchase toys that their dogs liked. Pop-ups don’t just sell products, they are also a way to engage customers in new and exciting ways.

3. Transform your business more efficiently

Your ability to quickly and seamlessly facilitate transactions is crucial for the success of your pop up shop. Mobile checkouts are more efficient and can speed up transactions.

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However, this is not all. Efficiency and speed are crucial. Customers want unique experiences, so you need to be able to quickly adapt to them. An API first commerce strategy is required to achieve this. This allows you to establish connections to backend systems quickly and not have to launch a large implementation project for each location.

An API-first strategy allows you to use the same shopping cart at all touchpoints during the customer’s journey. You can also analyze how your customer touched your brand, such as whether they are a loyal customer or new customers acquired through your pop up. In today’s retail environment, where anonymous transactions are not possible, an omnichannel shopping cart is essential.

Retail changes are fast and brands that can adapt quickly to these changes will be competitive. Pop-ups are a smart strategy that allows brands to provide engaging experiences, test new ideas, and collect valuable data. However, it depends on the technology supporting them. First, ensure that you have a solid and flexible commerce solution to support your pop-up shop.

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