The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is now available

To get the best out of Magento Commerce and to keep your store secure, we know how important it is to upgrade. It is essential to keep your Magento Commerce environment current in order to meet your business’s needs. However, we recognize that upgrading takes planning and investment by your team. Many customers are seeking ways to simplify this process. We are proud to announce our latest investment, which will make the upgrade process easier, more predictable, and more seamless.

Upgrade Compatibility Tool

Software updates are often delayed to avoid paying immediate costs. However, this can lead to technical debt and increased security risks. The Upgrade Compatibility tool allows merchants to identify incompatible customizations prior to Magento Commerce upgrades. This makes the process easier and lowers the cost.

The Upgrade Compatibility tool is a Command Line Interface (CLI), which analyzes customizations for a Magento Commerce instance and flags any code that may need to be updated before a Magento Commerce upgrade. The Upgrade Compatibility Tool’s Alpha release can validate the Magento PHP APIs as well as the GraphQL schema. This allows you to identify possible issues that may need to be fixed before upgrading. Future releases will include additional coverage. The Upgrade Compatibility Tool’s goal is to simplify the upgrade process, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for regression testing.

Use and Availability

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool Alpha is available. It is available as a Composer package, which you can download from Magento Repository. This tool is available to Magento Commerce customers upgrading from Magento Commerce version 2.x to 2.3 or later. Each new Magento Commerce version will be released with a new Upgrade Compatibility Tool. To verify compatibility between customizations and a target Magento Commerce version, the tool can be downloaded once it has been installed. Compatibility checks are limited to PHP APIs or GraphQL schema.

Notable: Only Magento Commerce 2.x merchants can access the Updgrade Compatibility tool. This tool is not available for Magento Open Source and Magento 1.

Below is a flow diagram that shows how a merchant can check compatibility when upgrading from Magento Commerce version 2.3.6 or 2.4.2.

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See the Magento Commerce developer documentation for more information and detailed instructions about the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.


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