The Salesperson of Year is Your Digital Storefront: How to Make Your Customer Experience Perfect for Peak Season

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Online selling will again drive holiday sales thanks to the combination of the Delta variant and wild weather swings. It is also likely that it will start earlier and deliver greater rewards. 59 per cent of consumers had started to shop for holidays by November 2013. According to eMarketer , holiday ecommerce sales in the US could increase by 11.3 percent. Ecommerce could account for a record 18.9 per cent of holiday retail sales.

You’ve probably already started preparing your website(s) for high traffic. Online traffic will likely increase well before Cyber Week. You should also be focusing your efforts on the shopping experience and making sure it converts website visitors into customers.

Your team can walk the store looking for opportunities to interact, discuss options, answer questions and sell to customers. Your digital storefront can be your sales team, allowing you to delight customers and engage thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Adobe has created a Site Evaluation Checklist to help you transform your customers‘ experience on your website(s). This tool can be used by you and your team to ensure that your site is ready for the most important moment of the year.

Continue reading for additional tips and information about the steps recommended in the checklist.

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salesperson of the year is your digital storefront


Adobe’s Assessment Checklist is important because it asks customers if they can shop on their mobile devices. Despite mobile sales growing rapidly, many shoppers still aren’t satisfied with mobile commerce experiences. 27% of smartphone shoppers said that shopping on their smartphones was stressful in 2020, compared with 20% in 2019 or 23% in 2018.

Comparing your past mobile web traffic with your mobile web conversion rates is one way to gauge the effectiveness of your mobile shopping experience. Conversions should rise if customer acquisition is well done and web traffic increases. You may need to improve your mobile experience, customer acquisition model, or both.

These are some of the most important things to do in order to ensure your website is mobile-first:

  • You should ensure product information is easily readable on mobile devices, without having to pinch or zoom.
  • Use best practices for payment forms, such as the ones recommended here. This includes removing unnecessary fields and using graphical elements whenever possible. Also, test checkout performance.
  • Your mobile website allows shoppers to access all functionality without having to switch to desktop view.
  • Make your mobile interface easy to use and give shoppers clear paths to take action.


Establish a loyal relationship with existing and new customers

You have spent money to attract customers. Then you worked hard to improve your website and deliver the product or service to them. Finally, you are able to delight the customer with an amazing experience. You shouldn’t let all the effort and expense that went into creating this experience be wasted by not offering a loyalty program to your customers. Loyalty programs will increase your revenue and expand your customer base over time. They can also give you information on how to best market to your customers.

Adobe Commerce supports customer loyalty programs. The flexible points system allows you to reward customers for a variety of activities and transactions. You can also easily customize your program using an intuitive configuration screen.

You can personalize your site with great search, filtering, and product recommendations

Your site’s search experience is crucial to ensuring a great customer experience, regardless of the device that they use to shop at your digital storefront. Adobe Commerce now provides LiveSearch, which is a native search engine that returns lightning-fast, highly relevant results. It is powered by Adobe Sensei and uses machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze aggregate visitor data.

When combined with Adobe Commerce catalog data, this data results in highly personalized, relevant and engaging shopping experiences. This data allows customers to search for what they want faster, with more precision, semantic search, and auto-complete.

Adobe Commerce also uses Adobe Sensei for personalized Product Recommendations. It automatically analyzes large amounts of customer purchase data and customer behavior to suggest the most relevant products to a specific user in a particular context. Recommendations can either be customized based on user-specific data, or generalized to anonymous users who visit your web pages. It is also possible to add Product recommendations to your site.


Although it can seem like a secret formula that only a few people know, the truth is that social media marketing is not easy.

Word on the Street

Social media is the new word of mouth. Social media is the new “word of mouth”. Make sure that your customers are able to share and like your business on all major social media platforms. You should ensure that you have a page, channel, or handle for each of these social media platforms. This should be managed at least partially by a professional. Last reminder: Video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok can help customers make purchase decisions.

Get to know one another

One of the best ways for new customers to join your social and content ecosystem is to offer them the opportunity to register on your site using their social media login. This allows you to quickly establish your customer’s social media presence, which will help them to associate your business with their social media network. It also helps you quickly register the customer on your site.

Shoppable and Consistent

Customers can now shop for social media. This gives them a new way to see and understand your products. Customers can see the impact of a product “in real-life,” whether it’s in static photos or videos that are shared over a number of posts, unboxings, etc. This can help them to really visualize the product.

One final reminder for social media and the Internet: Make sure your calls to action and offers are consistent with what customers will see once they arrive on your site. Don’t waste all that effort and money to get customers to click on your site via an advertisement, a post to social media or shoppable social media. Give them an experience that is consistent with what they expected.

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