The importance of blogging for retailers

It’s very evident in this day and age an internet presence is a critical ingredient in the success of most businesses. But when it comes to retail, besides information and product descriptions, is there really much else which you could post online? Well there is and it’s best executed in the manner of blog posts.

If you have a look at some of the large retailers online, most them have a site. These may be posted daily, weekly or monthly, but the successful ones usually fall into the category of interesting, useful or entertaining — and sometimes all three! Whilst blogging does require an investment of time, it can add value to your organization and your client’s experience.

Let us take a look at different areas where blogging can benefit your company.

Improve Google Search Rankings

Being ranked highly on Google is a massive advantage for any organization. Google has got smarter and the new algorithms it uses for hunts today appreciate high quality SEO (search engine optimized) content over keyword stuffing.

Having a website is a double threat. Not only are you able to share excellent articles, but by optimizing it for SEO you can boost your search ranking. This means that anyone looking for your product has a far greater prospect of finding your company site.

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Create an Online Brand

Nearly all shoppers now do research online before making a purchase, meaning that your digital presence has to be equally as impressive as your real life one. Brand goodwill for both your offline and online shops ought to be a significant concern, so that you are able to offer a seamless experience for customers across all platforms available.

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Blogging, together with social media, helps to initiate relationships with prospective clients, and secure loyalty from existing ones. Allowing comments in your blog posts gives you the chance to react quickly. Each positive interaction with clients adds value to their experience with you, as they feel appreciated by your enterprise.

Be at the Forefront of Your Business

Trying to stick out from your competitors is very hard in retail. When goods and prices are similar, the 1 way you can guarantee customers come to you rather than your competitor is by locating your USP and capitalizing on it via your blog. Whether it’s becoming the go-to site for industry information, offering practical advice or a combination of useful, entertaining and interesting features, compelling and exceptional content will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Organization is vital, and consistency is crucial. Choose the appropriate posting program and stick with it. Do not forget that quality is a lot more important than quantity. Post too frequently and you won’t have sufficient compelling content to keep people interested, but post too small and you’ll be forgotten about.

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Best Tip: Do not forget, for every blog post that you make you will need to remember to program the time to share it across your social networking channels!

Sharing is Caring

The popular phrase”sharing is caring” is over social networking, but in addition, it applies to blog posts. Best quality blog posts that conform to this magic formula of interesting, humorous and useful get shared — a great deal! The better the content you can create, the more likely your blog post is to become shared, again increasing the profile of your company and brand.

An Inside Job!

Blogging can also add value to your employees and work environment. Educating present staff members how to blog for you is terrific for their professional and personal development as it provides them a new skill. Allocating blog posts to different staff members and providing them the credit for them gives them active involvement in the business brand and adds variety to their working routine, whilst also saving you money on outsourcing!

Be Creative

Blogging is basically an empty canvas on which you can use as you see fit. Whether you wish to blog about a new product line, internal business changes or related business developments, it is possible to discover lively new ways of interacting with your audience. Vlogs (video blogs) are becoming a popular way to add variety to your site area.

Memorable blogs help your company to stand out from the rest, so brainstorm with your staff and see what ideas you need to create your blog space exceptional.

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Create Business Relationships

There’s nothing to prevent you using your site to create complimentary business relationships which may add value to your brand and to your client’s experience. By way of example, a furniture retailer may decide to blog about their latest point of sale (POS) system. Does this make the consumer aware of the processes for making payment (useful and enlightening ), but the POS company may then blog about the furniture shop adopting their system and the way their system might be implemented across a broad array of retailers (useful and enlightening ).

These sites would then indirectly lead to raising the profile of both companies.

Find your inspiration for a successful site by taking a look at your competitors, identifying what they’re doing and brainstorm with your staff to plan ways to go further and add more value to your audience.

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