The Digital Dining Dashboard: Evolution of Kitchen Display Systems

It appears that just about all aspects of the food retailer‘s world has been evolving quickly, most clearly the guest experience and the effect that has on front-of-the-house technology. Smartphone use by guests has been matched by improvements in Cloud POS applications as transformation finds its way to each purchase counter and steam table at the shop.

Now it is time for the back of the home. It is time to re-imagine kitchen screen.

No more a black box hidden deep in the rear of this operation, we like to think about this Kitchen Display System (KDS) such as the engine room of the Starship Enterprise. Your KDS has the capacity to give a 360-degree view of one food retailing operation, and by extension, the whole system-wide operation.




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There are many channels and touchpoints you may want to track 1 day in this”digital dining dash ” Let’s talk about what’s already possible and where matters will probably go next.

Web Connectivity is enabling corporate visibility deeply into operational information and broadly across the whole brand. KDS now enables operators to monitor demand and earnings across every channel: dine-in, drive-through, take-out and delivery.

Today’s digital dining dash is franchise friendly, and built for fast expanding multi-unit operators to easily collect and discuss crucial franchise performance metrics. These instinctive systems allow new entrants into the industry to readily grasp the most significant areas visually.

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Communications with the Front of the House will be compact and paperless, giving a digital record and reducing mistakes along the way. Communication now extends all of the way out to the guest:”Your order is up. Your order is next. Hold on while we add the chips.”

Later on, think of KDS as a You Tube video playing on a flat screen monitor. The new dashboard is going to be a training resource for homework, increasing consistency of product and not as winging it.

The electronic dining dash will be integrated with gear, creating smart zones one of a community of fryers and stoves, storage and staging warmers. Energy savings will come naturally once from this network of sensors and equipment.

Inventory tracking will track ingredients from majority all the way to finished meal, and integrate with tagging for delivery, take-out and nutrient communication. Considering that the trend line, it is possible Food Safety and traceability will be incorporated into these systems, with networked sensors and visualized checklists exhibited alongside orders.

Eventually, you will notice your KDS/Digital Dining Dashboard incorporated with your guests, irrespective of their location inside or outside your shop. Advances in Virtual Reality and Choice Reality might signify the KDS is a wearable for a store manager or store direct.

Not all these predictions will come to pass. Multi-unit operators will have to match the technological sophistication of the guests, which means POS Software for restaurants will be have to be right in the midst of every conversation and transaction.

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