The Advantages of a Tobacco Shop Point of Sale System

As a business with various merchandise and countless clients, tobacco stores require a point of sale system that could keep up with daily operations and accurately monitor their inventory. What are the advantages of having a customized point of sale system?

Customer Tracking and History

Whether you operate a neighborhood or chain tobacco store, you probably have clients that you see more often than others. Making loyalty programs and incentives will keep regulars coming back — and begin to attract new clients. Luckily, you can construct a rewards program inside your system so that points given are added to client profiles. Your POS system will even allow you to have a peek at customers‘ previous purchases and patterns to help cater to their own tobacco tastes.

Age Verification

The main part of owning a business is understanding your client base and catering to what they require. This becomes slightly more significant as soon as the items you’re selling have an age requirement. For any tobacco company, making certain your customer is over age 18 is imperative. Failing to do this will come at a great cost — and acute legal problems — to you and your company. A point of sale system makes age verification easy and stress-free by allowing cashiers to scan and verify IDs.

Case Break Inventory Tracking

As opposed to manually monitor tobacco products by crates, cartons, or packs, a POS system has the capacity to account for case breaks automatically. Our program’s inventory system understands to split a situation into individual products available — whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, or vapes.

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Moreover, the stock system will keep track of what is on your shelves and provide you up-to-date counts. You can even place your POS to put an automated order when a item is running low. By way of instance, if you are down to 20 packs of your top-selling brand of smokes, your system will reorder five cases. These stock and reorder amounts are completely customizable — and using the attribute checks off another item your to-do list!

Grow Your Tobacco Business

A point of sale system has a lot of advantages for tobacco shops, helping them operate more effectively and increasing sales and customer loyalty over time. For those who have any questions regarding specific attributes or how our point of sale system could work for your company, the staff at ConnectPOS is here to help!

We provide full point of sale solutions with customized hardware and software, training sessions, and unlimited support for many different industries. If you are ready to begin, you can build your system online or ask a quote!


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