St Paul MN Restaurant: Should You Buy or Rent a POS System?

It is an old question, Shakespearean even,”To be, or not to be?” Just with a POS system, the question becomes“To buy, or not to buy?” Er, rather, to purchase, or rent.

There isn’t a for sure yes or no reply to this question, and it’ll be based on your personal situation. Some pub or restaurant owners will have the funds to pay for a system all upfront, but that is not a reality for everybody.

Luckily, there are still options for owners who want a costly point-of-sale system, but can not afford to out a loan for this.

Some POS providers provide rental or leasing programs.


There are lots of POS companies who will perform a leasing program, where you won’t have the gear, but rather pay a monthly fee to use the POS system.

This can be a wonderful choice if you don’t need to drop a great deal of cash upfront, or simply don’t need to own one.

There are a few factors to know about when renting a POS.

When you lease a POS, you’ll need to sign a contract, since you’re leasing a costly piece of equipment. Read the contract over carefully to be certain that there are no hidden fees, or that you’re obligated to pay for any faulty equipment.

Usually with POS rental programs they include a monthly support fee, where you may have your POS service bundled in with credit card processing charges. This can be quite sweet as it combines the two components and allows you to deal with just one supplier, making your life easier.

This is where it can get a little tricky. It is absolutely fine to have your POS rental fee and payment processing wrapped up together, but be sure that you’re not being overcharged for processing fees, or your rates aren’t likely to be raised dramatically each and every month without explanation.

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How can you know if this will happen to you?

Well, here are a few situations we’ve seen through the years with merchants we have worked with.

***Disclaimer, these numbers might be higher depending on which kind of POS system you lease, as well as how many service stations you require.

Look and see how much the monthly fee is for leasing. A fair price, should be between $300-$500. That usually covers the charges, 1 service station, and service. If your contract only provides you an $80 fee for leasing, you can expect to see around $1,000 processing charges, together with possible additional fees for customer service, and affordable equipment.

The 2 Greatest Ways To Deal with Negative Online Reviews

There is nothing more gut wrenching than visiting a negative review about your company floating around online. There’s a good deal of responses that quickly go through our thoughts. Shock, disbelief, denial and even anger and we tend to stay stuck on these negative emotions rather than go forward, or even know what to do next.

Acceptance of having a bad review of your business is essential, since if you’re still in some of the previous phases of psychological distress, you won’t be able to correctly respond to the negative review.

You want a calm head before creating a strategy of response.

Before we address a few of the ways that you can handle the circumstance, we are going to give you a few hints to help get yourself in the right mindset before reacting.

  • Proceed through the following steps prior to formulating a reply:
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Walk away from the computer
  • Focus on another task for some time
  • Do something to put you in a happier mindset
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As soon as you’ve taken time, return and read through the inspection.

Now the most difficult part. Honestly ask yourself, is there truth in this criticism?

It is never simple realizing you made a mistake, however, examine the review and see what they person is saying. Put yourself in their situation, and see whether you would respond in a similar manner.

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Going ahead, decide on your strategy.

Based on the fact from the review, there are numerous distinct options for how you’ll handle the review. Here are some choices:

The olive branch answer.

Yelp has a certain manner they recommend handling mean testimonials, and also suggest it for using it on critic trolls.

They generally suggest the following:”Before reacting to a negative review, have a deep breath and think very carefully about what you’re going to write. Or better still, do not think too much: just keep it simple by thanking your customer for the patronage and opinions. By calling your reviewer and establishing a real human connection.”

Bear in mind, you’re speaking to another individual, try make that real apology they had a terrible experience. Open the dialogue and ask what you can do to make the situation right.

On a certain level, all complaints must be considered legitimate, and you will need to allow them to provide a person’s look in your company and what you could improve on.

Practicing this technique resembles turning the other cheek and offering an olive branch to the reviewer.

The adopting the negative review reply.

As a disclaimer with this bit of advice, it won’t work for each negative review.

This strategy, basically means embraces the poor review, and sharing it with the world. The below photograph is from a restaurant which had a dreadful yelp review in their meatball sandwich, the restaurant, put this review on their sign and utilized it as a means to promote their restaurant.

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It is a daring, and bass approach to handle a negative review, but it may be strong with giving attention, and showing you can laugh at yourself. If you have tried the above system for a poor review, and that reviewer isn’t ready to work with you, it may be well worth it to try out this message.

Other restaurants have done this by placing hilarious negative reviews on t-shirts and selling them.

We recommend that you just do this for post comments, or marginally funny testimonials, but maybe not for every comment posted on your website.

Basically, you are shifting the energy from the reviewer and take control yourself.

Bear in mind, a negative review is a opportunity to grow.

Just as they hurt, a bad review could be repaired, and turned into a positive situation. Sometimes it’s possible to triumph over the reviewer, and if not, you can take it with a sense of humor and turn it into a selling point.

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