So an Estonian Venture up and Builds headquarters on Mauritius

Barely a day after invention minister from faraway Mauritius challenged Estonian enterprises to come let us take African IT market jointly, the first company decides to put its regional headquarters on the small island.

In Tallinn this week, via Postimees the Etienne Sinatambou proposed that the regional businessmen use Mauritius as starting platform for entering technology competition on the African continent.

“I’m sure Estonia and Mauritius could be excellent partners to enter the African IT-market. Mauritius has lots of benefits to offer to Estonian IT-firms. For one, we’re a member of lots of African American economic blocks, and doing business together we are exempt from excessive taxation — this is free trade. What are you waiting for?!” said the minister.

Not to deaf ears.

That very day, using contact information obtained from Postimees, business software maker ConnectPOS contacted the minister directly. What followed was a three-hour meeting in Old Town, Tallinn and collaboration was on.

“In September we’ll go over and see and present how local businesses can go to another level by applying new technologies,” ConnectPOS business development manager Sander Sebastian Agur informed Postimees.

What is more, after the assembly ConnectPOS chose to establish its African headquarters on Mauritius, and, teaming up with local partners, will through that build its business throughout the continent.

“Firstly, we’ll assist small and medium-sized enterprises of Mauritius to embrace modern mobile applications and will, directly and indirectly, create tasks on the island. The objective is, in collaboration with the authorities to help these businesses to grow, by providing them the tools to handle their companies and to prepare the soil for independent young entrepreneurs to emerge that don’t expect in state support but within their own initiative,” explained Mr. Agur.

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In his estimation, Mauritius has a superb business environment, contemporary-thinking leaders and political stability:”We will assist with Western principles and attempt to show the natives that in everyone there is the potential to generate an input in the development of their country.”

ConnectPOS is creating on-line business applications, primarily for retail and wholesale businesses. Headquartered in New York, it’s branches in Britain, Mexico, Australia, Greece, Copenhagen, Estonia and Poland. Its customers in Estonia include ON/OFF, BonBon Lingerie and BMW, on international scene Elizabeth Arden, UNICEF, Walt Disney, The Athletes Foot, and The East India Company.

“Under the direction of Union Mr. Sinatambou, Mauritius has got excellent online connection allowing us to launch pilot projects this annually. Provided we figure out how to make Mauritius a success story, it may infect other less developed African countries and, therefore, ConnectPOS will make a little contribution in regional growth,” added Sander Sebastian Agur.

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, 900 km East of Madagascar. The nation also features isles of Rodrigues, Cargados Carajos, and Agalega.

Mauritius has 1.2 million living on less than 2,000 square km. Known as a world-class tourism place, last year Mauritius has been voted the best honeymoon hotel of the world.

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