Six B2B Industries that Should Be Leveraging Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is a powerful tool that can be used to benefit many businesses in a variety of industries, from tech to ecommerce. These six less-known B2B industries have the potential to reap the benefits of marketing automation.

These industries can use automation to transform digital marketing

  1. Non-for-profits.
  2. Manufacturing.
  3. Financial services.
  4. Recruitment.
  5. Services for businesses
  6. Communications.

If enough companies in these industries adopt marketing automation and give priority to it, whole industries will become more competitive.

1. Non-for-profits

Maximising spend, time, and effort is crucial for non-profit organizations, especially when marketing investment comes from donations or grants.

Marketing automation software can be used to drive important business initiatives, such as fundraising and volunteer recruitment. Marketers can use these tools to create more effective marketing and report on their progress more easily.

Here are some examples of uses:

  • Requests for donations that are not triggered. Many charities send pre-planned fundraising emails as part their pre-planned campaigns. This is a good idea, but it doesn’t react to the behavior of existing or new donors who might be interested in donating at different times. Integration of marketing automation software with the website is a must. This will allow potential donors to view the content and trigger emails that encourage them to donate.
  • Find volunteers in your database. Marketing automation can help make this easier. Organisations can use scoring and grading to identify potential volunteers who are interested in content or donate regularly. Automate the invitation to volunteer by surfacing top NFP fans.

2. Manufacturing

B2B manufacturers often sell via resellers and distributors. This is a unique selling model. This sector is well-known for using offline channels such as trade shows and exhibitions.

Marketing automation is a great tool for manufacturers because it allows them to:

  • For ‘dream’ distributors, implement an account-based marketing strategy.
  • Prioritize upselling to existing partners.
  • Automate communication of brand USPs and core product.
  • Integrate with online activity to report on offline performance.

Let’s suppose a sales representative from a manufacturing company visits trade shows across the country. They meet prospects at trade shows and scan their business cards into their central marketing automation software. Once a nurture process has been established, prospects are immediately enrolled in a series of follow-up communications.

It beats the traditional way of taking a business card, then manually sending an email a few days later.

3. Financial services

In a digital age where financial services are becoming commoditized, personalization and relevant marketing is the best way for you to stand out from your competitors.

It is all about building trust and loyalty with your audience. However, financial services can be complicated and inefficient, which can make it difficult for you to win their trust. Marketing automation software is here to help.

Finserv companies can achieve the best segmentation, targeted communications, and personalized service by having a strong marketing strategy and an automated system. They can measure this and assign marketing efforts to ROI.

Businesses that market to investors and borrowers, for example, need to send the right communications at just the right time in order to win or lose a deal. Marketing automation reduces the manual work involved and allows you to send targeted messages that resonate with decision makers at the critical time the prospect is seeking such information.

4. Recruitment

It’s not easy to keep track of clients and candidates while simultaneously juggling them all. Most recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, to manage their processes. To simplify things, marketing automation software is compatible with an ATS.

It can be a great help:

  • You can find opportunities for recruitment without spending hours on job boards
  • Employers and candidates should receive timely emails
  • Follow ups and trigger nurture comms based upon employer engagement.
  • Based on what resources they downloaded or the searches they ran on your site, you can better understand candidates and what their skills are.

Market automation offers many more opportunities for recruiters. These are just some of the possibilities.

5. Business services

It’s common for business services to have a lengthy sales cycle. It’s important to keep in touch, be present, and tailor every interaction to win the deal.

Marketing automation platforms are primarily focused on lead generation and nurture.

Marketing automation can be used to deliver personalized, dynamic content to multiple decision makers in the business services sector. This is in addition to content marketing strategies and sophisticated email approaches.

Lead scoring is an important advantage. It helps sales teams to know when a lead has potential to sell and when it is ready to go.

6. Communications

Communication professionals must live up to their motto: quick, efficient communication with the audience when they need it. This can only be achieved with a great CRM and automation software. It is essential that they are seamlessly integrated.

Automated messaging can be created by using data from your website or service platform. This will allow you to retain customers and increase your CSAT score.

Attracting new customers is not enough. Marketing automation platforms are able to identify customers who may be leaving for another provider in a competitive market. You can use signals such as the number of logins to your customer portal, last bill, monthly usage, satisfaction ratings, and the number of invoices. This will allow you to create retention programs and regain any potential loss.

We have only scratched the surface.

These examples and use cases are meant to inspire and help people in these industries to get excited about marketing automation. There is so much potential. Each industry could have its own article. For now, however, I think you get the idea. Marketing automation software is essential for anyone working in non-profit, manufacturing or financial services.


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