Sales training Begins with The Dummy Curve

Say you are good at something, and you will need to get better. You study, practice, and work at it. But, as opposed to getting better, you get worse.

I have seen this happen many times. It’s the demoralizing effect of working hard and not getting the results to show for it.

It’s what happens with a lot of the salespeople we use in FringeSport. We employ them as they have a record of sales success. We then train and adapt them to the FringeSport way of selling.

And they get worse.

They finally become manner better, however. But they need to face”The Dummy Curve” first.

. . .they must face”The Dummy Curve”…

As it applies to selling, The Dummy Curve asserts that lots of untrained workers have a basic ability to close sales. But because they work on their technique (hopefully with a coach ), the dollar volume of sales often goes down. Whenever they keep at it, practicing methodology, their earnings ability goes up, far beyond where they started. This is The Dummy Curve.

To put it differently, you start with a moderate-to-high ability at something. You work at getting better and, paradoxically, your ability temporarily decreases. But if you keep at it, your ability more than recovers.

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The problem with The Dummy Curve is that salespeople want results — now. You see your earnings falling, even as you’re working harder. It can be demoralizing. It’s easy to abandon the new methodology and revert to your old habits. But if you abandon too early, you’re unlikely to reap the gigantic benefits or gains that are often inevitable.

We use the Sandler sales methodology in FringeSport. Most the salespeople we employ aren’t Sandler-trained. Many haven’t heard of it.

We put them through a boot camp with Marketplace Sense, a Sandler trainer here in Austin. And they meet The Dummy Curve.

They key is to educate salespeople about The Dummy Curve till they encounter it. Then, after they encounter the down side effects, we explain how their earnings will improve on the opposite side.

Until then, however, they are often tempted to leave the schooling, or even stop. After all, the system does not appear to work. It’s made them less powerful. However, the training pays off in time.

I see The Dummy Curve in many aspects of life when learning a new skill.

We apply it in FringeSport after we present new technologies . Frequently a new technology makes things worse, slower, or more complicated — at the beginning. It can stall the implementation procedure. But with time and effort, you float . You achieve substantial gains in productivity.

So how do we train salespeople at FringeSport? We undo much of what they think they understand. It results in The Dummy Curve and then to new heights of success.

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