Productivity Apps for Restaurants

A Guide to Productivity Apps for Restaurants Ask any restaurant manager and they’ll make it quite clear that running a restaurant isn’t an simple job. Extended hours, staff management and customer complaints are just some of it. Fortunately, as technology advances, programs are compact, work simplified, and management jobs coordinated. There’s an app for nearly everything today, and restaurants are not being left behind in the applications, technologies, and services available. There are a great deal of productivity apps for restaurants. Butjust because you may have a great deal of chefs in the kitchen, with a great deal of tech tools at the same time could be more confusing than useful. To avoid these blunders, the best apps for restaurant owners might be used to get at least one essential job at one time. We’ve got a look at why restaurants desire apps and some of the best technology services available to restaurants.

Why Are Productivity Apps Important?

Restaurant owners and managers are constantly on the go with long task lists and duties. Their purpose, being crucial to business success, often needs help in the form of automation. In this manner, productivity apps promote the overall health of the company. Among the principal areas that productivity apps for restaurants are essential is in stock. Though important, keeping track of inventory could be time-intensive with a high potential for error. Taking this off load the manager with a restaurant inventory app saves both time and money within the enterprise. Your customer should be of greatest concern to your restaurant, that’s why when it comes to customer service you want to pull out all the (reasonable) stops. A customer feedback app can be invaluable in the growth of your organization. Taking customer testimonials via an app can cause more honest comments since they are not put on the location as with face to face discussions. Name any vital restaurant process you can imagine and you will most likely have the ability to think of many ways an app can boost the procedure.
Benefits and Advantages Of Productivity Apps

There are lots of reasons why apps can be useful in just about every single restaurant process:

1. ) They Foster Collaboration

During a restaurant project management app, restaurant workers can share updates on current projects as well as other staff members, keep up with progress on various tasks, give feedback to their colleagues, and much more.

2. ) Benefits of Reporting

Despite regular staff meetings, some things can fall through the cracks when it comes to reporting on projects and work done in the restaurant. With reporting apps, employees can quickly input whatever information is essential and go about their day.

3. Saves Time

Apps automate plenty of processes that would otherwise be time consuming at the restaurant. By means of example,a restaurant inventory management app contributes to faster inventory processes, rapid analytics, and reduced time all around. They greatly increase time efficiency.

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4. Progress Tracking

Many productivity apps for restaurants possess analytical capabilities. This handy feature often does a far better job of tracking progress, identifying trends, and detecting problematic regions than a person would.

5. ) Improved Security

Using apps as opposed to guide platforms ensures your data is stored securely and kept away from the wrong hands. Most apps include security features that protect the users’ information, better than any self-created system would.

6. Point of Sale Integration

If your point of sale (POS) solution has an open API, including productivity apps to your existing solution is a simple alternative that’s fully integrated. Productivity apps become a direct expansion of the POS, offering a wider range of functionality. Consider leveraging your point of sale’s robust network of integration partners to enhance your system.

6 Popular Productivity Apps for Restaurants

A amazing app is not just useful, but it’s also easy to use and integrates well with other programs. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best apps available to help restaurant owners and managers.

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1. ) Revel Systems

If you’re going to pick one restaurant app, you would be challenging to get a more efficient alternative than the app behind our restaurant POS system. Revel Systems gives you an all round package for tackling the most crucial regions of your business. Boost efficiency with mobile order takers, build a powerful loyalty program that keeps diners coming back for more, get granular with ingredient-level inventory management and maintain your eye on the full picture with comprehensive reporting applications. Other features include:

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2. 7 transforms

Every manager’s hectic schedule might be radically simplified with 7 Shifts. This handy restaurant management app not only does the shift scheduling for you, it moves a degree above using data and analytics to fully optimize it. All you have to do is feed restaurant alter data and available personnel to the app and it is going to create the very best schedule within minutes. This efficiency saves on labor costs and streamlines worker communication.

3. Chowly

Food delivery is now major business with the advent of food shipping apps, but only as every restaurant wish to take advantage of online ordering, they often restrict themselves to a apps at once. This is the marketplace that Chowly spotted. This restaurant order management app combines all your third-party online ordering platforms like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and others together with your POS System so that your clients get a seamless ordering experience. A huge advantage of this syncing of orders is that it highlights the restaurant’s capacity to deliver so that you don’t ever need to handle surplus orders.

4. ) Como

Como is a favorite amongst businesses that invest heavily in the loyalty space. By creating personalized experiences for customers, operators then grow visits and induce spend. Actually, Como has helped boost customer visits and spend by 40 percent by incorporating their technologies into various points of sales. Actionable business intelligence, automatic campaigns, personalized loyalty applications, and mobile app and integrated ordering are only some of the robust features offered by Como’s various product lines. Como helps deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience across multiple touchpoints, like your website, app, email, along with your POS. Loyalty integrations like Como help ensure you’re sending the proper message to the appropriate consumers at the perfect time, forcing ROI and incremental spend.

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5. ) Yellow Dog program

Yellow Dog’s inventory software provides enhanced inventory management for both retail and restaurant operations. With Yellow Dog’s inventory system, users can update or add things in the Revel POS and process sales in real time. While native inventory management tools within a POS are critical solutions for operators, using extra stock management capabilities is a substantial extension for businesses that operate on thin margins.

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6. Food Cost Calculator

New restaurant owners will especially benefit from this app which computes the edible costs, food costs, portion costs, plate costs, and menu costs of a restaurant. This user friendly restaurant recipe app also lets you create unlimited recipes utilizing an ingredients stock that you might use in future recipes. Furthermore, it gives benchmark costs for meals, meaning you could gauge what your competitors are charging for the same meal. As a restaurateur you’re in good hands with any of the above apps. They are tried and tested by numerous other small business owners like you and can allow you to run a better, more efficient business. Our iPad POS system works well with most restaurant apps to streamline business operations even more. From refining kitchen operations to online ordering, speak with us to work out how we can help your restaurant grow!