Offering Coupons for your Restaurant Throughout the Holidays

Offering coupons on your restaurant can be a very effective sales tool for boosting your profit. Not only will coupons appeal to a existing customer base, they will draw in new clients also. What a fantastic way to create more brand ambassadors for your restaurant!

Are Coupons Actually Powerful?

Coupons continue to be a very effective resource for restaurants to use. The CMO Council reported that in 2016, 71 percent of consumers in america were influenced by discounts and coupons when weighing buying options.




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While vouchers may appear to cut into a restaurant’s profit margins upfront, the long-term advantage of gaining new customer loyalty strongly outweighs this risk.

Start Advertising Early

Begin a brainstorming session with your management staff. What products or services enable your restaurant to stand out amongst opponents? Which dishes appears to be the most popular? What’s your restaurant famous for? These are the places to target when deciding which sort of coupon discount to provide.

Spreading the word and getting out your coupon on the market is the most significant part your coupon campaign. Begin circulating your reduction 4-6 weeks before when your special begins.

Designing Your Coupon

Creating your coupon attractive to customers is critical. Your coupon ought to be eye catching and visually appealing to catch the attention of restaurant goers.

Include the facts about the advertising, making certain nothing is vague or up for interpretation. Always include the expiration date to the voucher so customers don’t feel tricked, which may discredit your brand’s reputation.

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Marketing Your Coupon

  • Social Media: The typical consumer has 3 social networking accounts. Does your restaurant have a Facebook page? An Instagram account? A Twitter feed? It is time to create social networking platforms in case you have not already done so.

1 fantastic perk about advertising via social media is your voucher could be”shared” between consumers. Consumers can help you spread the word if you include reductions such as,”Dine in with two friends, and get 20% off your entire bill”, or”Receive 30% off when you refer a new client.”

You also have the choice to boost posts on social websites to get more visibility!

  • Your site : Your advertising should be on the primary home page of your site for ALL to see. Design a new banner, or add your special in big, bold and vibrant font so nobody misses your upcoming special when visiting your site.
  • Newspaper/Magazines: While electronic coupons are popular amongst customers and easiest to redeem, the CMO Council reported that published coupons still signify 44 percent of the voucher industry. Coupons displayed from the paper or magazines continue to be advantageous, and one study showed that 70 percent of customers still look for and use traditional print offers in magazines and newspapers.
  • Mail : Targeting your existing customer base is just as imperative as targeting new clients. Offering coupons through your loyalty program ensures that your existing customers will keep coming back. Something simple such as”Take $5 off your next purchase” will keep your present customer loyalty, and also lead them to speaking friends.
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Be creative with ways to maximize your restaurant profit. Set yourself up for success using these coupon best practices!

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