Mahony’s PoBoys manages a booming business with Toast RestaurantPOS


Mahony’s PoBoys manages a booming business with Toast RestaurantPOS

They are known for their po-boys and seafood-inspired po-boys that have distinguished them in the highly competitive New Orleans market. Toast’s cloud-based platform allows them to provide a great guest experience.

Mahony’s Po-Boys & Seafood are a New Orleans staple. Their chef-inspired po-boys are a big draw for customers and set them apart from other restaurants. Toast’s cloud-based business model and personalized customer service has helped Mahony’s achieve success, even in the chaos of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is a system that rallies around

Glen Armantrout, Mahony’s President says, “If you have ever been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras you will understand the craze.” Mahony’s required a system that could handle the annual celebrations that flood New Orleans with tourists when looking at restaurantPOS systems .

Glen says that Mardi Gras is a time when everything doubles at the restaurant. “We were worried that our old POS might fail due to the influx of orders.”

Mahony’s relies on Toast’s technology for everything, from labor management to table turnover. They can double their Mardi Gras sales thanks to this improved turnover.

“Mardi Gras is a chaotic time for restaurants. You’re dependent on everything going right. Glen says that Toast was a POS we could trust.

It’s possible to be far away from the restaurant, and still know what’s going on in the world. It’s almost like looking into the secrets of the universe. The cloud is great for tracking orders and inventory. I can fine tune my system and say, “Let’s not waste so much energy doing something that’s not working well.”

– Glen Armantrout, President

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Uncovering the secrets of business reporting

Toast’s cloud-based model makes it simple for Glen and his team to quickly run business reports. He was able to see the entire business from his computer at work and not have to sit in the back office.

You can leave the restaurant and still know what’s going on in the world. Glen says it’s like looking into the secrets of the universe. The real-time reporting provided by a cloud-based platform is a great way to track the business. It allows me to adjust the menu and decide if we should spend too much time on something that isn’t working well.

Glen can see which menu items are performing well from his phone or personal computer. This real-time reporting allows Glen to quickly adjust menu items according to which will be the most profitable for his business.

“I like the fact that I can quickly make changes to my computer. He says he can quickly make a list of the things that need to change and then be able to complete it myself.

Restaurants are best served by a customer service team that is familiar with the culture.

Toast has been a friend to Mahony’s since their first online demo and through installation and maintenance. He’s found Toast Customer Care to be faster and more accurate than other pos systems he has used.

“It was very difficult to fix things with our old system. Glen explains that it became extremely expensive to resolve our problems. Toast allows me to talk to someone on the phone without waiting on hold, and can even be connected to someone abroad.

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Toast is distinguished by its professional and knowledgeable technical support.

Glen states that Toast truly cares about customers. “Everyone tries to help as much possible.”

Toast allows Mahony’s to effectively manage their business no matter the season.


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