lobal Payment Gateways for Magento 2

An eCommerce store can be appreciated by customers as measured by how satisfied they are with the support they receive throughout the customer journey. A smooth checkout process is sure to give your customers a pleasant experience. A superior payment experience is often accompanied by a suitable payment gateway to make final transactions seamless for both the company and the customer. It is challenging for store owners to choose the optimal payment gateway integration for their business from among the many alternatives on the market. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize from different angles and aspects to choose the best Magento 2 payment gateway among many other options. In this article, we would like to introduce the leading Magento 2 payment gateway that can help the company to adopt customers.



PayPal is the best Magento 2 payment gateway. It is a secure and top-choice solution with over 400 million global users. The gateway facilitates online businesses to provide multiple payment methods to customers. Magento 2 store owners can accept convenient means of payment like buy now, pay later, recurring payments, and registration with this platform. It is a reliable solution that provides 24/7 customer support to its users to ensure merchants and customers are never in trouble. Besides, global businesses don’t have to worry about whether it’s available in the region because Paypal supports accepting payments in multiple currencies with PayPal’s multi-currency Magento 2 extension.This method has a free account registration service and free download of its application. A PayPal account allows a direct connection to a bank account, enabling buyers to pay for their online purchases from any device without using a credit card. The financial safety factor emphasized and prioritized here is that the seller will only receive a PayPal account number, not a bank account or credit card number. Support for currency conversion is beneficial to users. The transaction cost for this payment gateway is around 2.9% + 0.3 USD per authorization. The Magento 2 payment gateway is a good payment gateway for merchants to expand with fairly affordable pricing and allows recurring payments to provide subscriptions to customers.
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Stripe is a reputable Magento 2 payment gateway and competes strongly with Paypal. This is an Australian payments company with over 10 years of existence that has been providing optimal payment services supporting multiple currencies from over 100 different countries without the need to set up separate merchant account. This solution offers a number of outstanding features that help the store gain its rightful place in the market. The availability to stay on the site is a huge benefit besides being redirected to different sites during checkout. Notably, the costs of integrating Stripe, from monthly fees, setup fees, minimum fees, or card storage fees are free and everything is made easy and in front of the user. To complete the transaction, Magento stores only have to pay the associated fee of 2.9% + 0.30 USD per authorization for this extension. This fully integrated global platform has brought a new page of convenience to payments, from easy subscription and recurring billing setup to simple re-invoicing of customers with no need to store information of credit card information, charging at the available rate to a seamless payment experience. This platform is used by a lot of Magento 2 users to integrate into their e-commerce stores.It is highly secure, payment card industry (PCI) compliant, and provides a scalable payment solution. It is a global payment gateway that accepts online payments in more than 25 languages ​​and 135 currencies. This leading payment gateway is trusted by millions of users and has offices around the globe. In particular, users like Stripe thanks to its transparent pricing policy and no hidden fees, along with easy setup without any fees.
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Security and reliability of payment is an important point that payment gateways must ensure for users, especially when they are running an online business. Authorize.net is a popular Magento 2 payment gateway that provides companies with simplified credit card and electronic payments. It is offered by a company owned by Visa, which is very popular with merchants around the globe. The gateway is protected with advanced anti-fraud engines that make payments more secure. And store owners can respond to customer requests more easily because Authorize.net helps facilitate customers to pay in multiple currencies, with different payment methods at their convenience, such as debit card, credit card, eCheck, online payment and many more. What’s more, the solution comes with extensions that help businesses take advantage of the in-store checkout experience by integrating this leading payment solution. This will help the Magento store to grow even more. This payment gateway is highly recommended for Magento 2 online stores looking for a secure and fast payment gateway that is protected from common fraudulent transactions. This method also provides connections to the enterprise’s point-of-sale system, accepts payments from customers using mobile devices, and specifically provides easy-to-use tools for managing ongoing billing needs.ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale (POS) system that integrates with Magento 2. This solution provides features that make store management easier and especially it supports a variety of payment methods for the store. With omnichannel management of orders, products, customers, and intelligent inventory management, businesses can keep their business seamless across channels, well-suited to their needs which can expand the size of businesses. What’s more, ConnectPOS’s extensive integration with payment gateways is intimate, alongside features that support a quick checkout process. This helps to meet customer needs, giving them more time to experience the store and other products, helping to increase orders and increase revenue. This is also a good method to help businesses manage business operations and manage cash flow effectively.
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Payment gateways are at the heart of eCommerce business. Providing a convenient and secure checkout experience for consumers can add to the user experience, helping to improve conversions. Magento 2 stores need to consider integrating the Magento 2 payment gateway extension to enjoy the all-inclusive payment gateway feature list as well as additional features. If you are in need of assistance to connect to a secure and efficient payment gateway, feel free to contact us.Source: https://www.connectpos.com/top-3-global-payment-gateway-for-magento-2/
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