Launch ConnectPOS: New Generation of B2B SaaS platform

New Generation of Modern B2B SaaS platform for eCommerce businesses.

Cloud Service Pack4it permits you to handle all of your Point of Sales, warehouses and simplify multi-vendor operations.

The item is intended to simplify all procedures of e-commerce company management and significantly decrease the costs of their development and support section, in addition to help do away with daily mistakes in the procedure.

eCommerce Market Problem

Daily retailers face numerous problems related to handling their sales outlets, warehouses and all surgeries using their multi-vendors.

A single online shop with great sales needs a huge staff to process orders, manage warehouses, communicate with vendors, and much more. And also the Amount of problems/mistakes only increases in the Event That You have:

  • Over 1 online shop;
  • multiple vendor accounts on several different marketplaces (eBay/Amazon);
  • distinct offline sales outlets.

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The Global Awarded Magento POS – 2021 Stevie Awards Product Innovation winner provides you with a powerful Magento 2 POS extension as well as 24/7 support

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  3. commercetools-pos
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  5. bigcommerce-pos

In this case, you’re necessarily faced with these issues:

  • Confusion using the products in stock: erroneous shipment of merchandise; no merchandise in stock, Even Though the information on this website has not been upgraded yet;
  • prices are being processed overly long and at different areas;
  • There’s no single customer database or client segmentation;
  • Communicating with providers requires manual function;
  • There Isn’t Any quick access to data;
  • Increased costs for your job of supervisors;
  • Drop-shipping Demands long order processing, and a Great Deal of messages and calls;
  • High fiscal costs for developers who personalize your site/system from the hope of bettering your company procedures;
  • and much more…
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Nowadays, sellers resolve their issues in two manners:

  • They employ programmers to personalize their own shop management system. This takes years and needs enormous monthly financial aid costs;
  • they utilize quite a few different management platforms and operate in many applications at the same time, which can be costly and difficult, particularly if there’s absolutely not any appropriate connection between these.

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With Pack4it you’ll be able to handle all of your Point of Sales, warehouses and simplify multi-vendor operations.

How it functions

  1. Make a business account on Pack4it;
  2. join any revenue stations: online and off-site shops, marketplaces;
  3. include your possessions;
  4. add vendors record;

And do all surgeries many times quicker and simpler!

Revenue Orders Characteristics

  1. All of your earnings orders in a single easy location! Handle sales order fulfilment much quicker and more flexible than ever before.
  2. Split dictate items involving various warehouses and vendors in precisely the exact same purchase.
  3. Or convert earnings order or special line item to Drop-ship!
  4. Send quotations to your vendors to acquire costs directly out of them before picking one.
  5. Your vendors will get Purchase order or quote requests. And would be able to use a handy and easy interface to communicate with your staff. All of your warehouses are going to get packaging slides immediately.
  6. Track analytics of your points available.

Orders and Drop-shipping Characteristics

  1. Multi-vendor system.
  2. Revenue sequence to Drop-ship: convert earnings order or special line item to Drop-ship.
  3. Send quotations to your vendors to acquire costs directly out of them before picking one.
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Inventory Management Characteristics

  1. Locate your merchandise easily inside a warehouse with shelves, picking stains and barcodes. Just scan the item barcode to view its place or add merchandise to the bundle.
  2. Manage inventory of a commodity of unique warehouses and vendors mechanically.

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Customer Dating

Create jobs (follow up ) and notes to your clients, generate customer segmentation and enhance customer connection such as never before.

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