Keeping Up by Keeping Track

Keeping Up by Keeping Track
When registering for ConnectPOS, there might be a couple of things you decide not to use, and that is okay! There are a small number of features available that, while discretionary, greatly increase organization and ease of use when it comes to handling your data.

Even though a simple Point of Sale may be sufficient, there is always the choice for more! We strive to give modest shops and start-up companies the very same features that our business customers have.


Customers & Client Groups

Did you know that clients and customer information can be inserted into your ConnectPOS database? The Default POS Client is not the only person you need to sell to. With the addition of clients as they make sales, you can create a large customer database full of sales and contact information directly in ConnectPOS. By keeping an eye on their current earnings, you can see how frequently a particular customer visits, what they purchase or see other trends through our comprehensive Reporting Module. When those big earnings come around, you will have a list of customer contact info so that you can email them upcoming deals. By restricting yourself to only one”Default Client,” you will miss out on both these opportunities.

Product Groups & Groups

Exactly like with customers, there’s a”Default Product Group” set up in ConnectPOS immediately. Just about any user in ConnectPOS uses the Product Groups since this is the way items are handled in the Point of Sale. If you would like an extra way of organizing products, you can use Product Categories. With Product Categories, your stock can be organized on a different level, strictly to be used in the Back Office. Using filters in our accounts, data for items in specific categories can be singled out, like Product Groups. This additional degree of organization is a superb way to double check and triple check any information regarding inventory and products.

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Inventory Management

Unlike clients and products, this region of ConnectPOS doesn’t have a default option used as a”nudge” to remind the users it is available. Keeping track of stock is a massive portion of ConnectPOS that’s largely overlooked. We automatically keep track of earnings information and inventory depletion, but adding stock isn’t something which happens by default. Purchase prices are the recommended means of receiving stock since it is possible to record where it was bought, when, and exactly what the item cost is. By employing this area over the course of a year, anticipated product costs will be made to assist the budget, restock/reorder points can be produced by seeing sales trends. So as to get this information, it ought to be recorded somehow. Selling inventory without adding any inventory information is possible, but we strongly recommend against it.

The business is the key to success. By collecting and using data in an effective manner less time could be spent scratching your mind and more time could be spent creating your company the best it can be.

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