Item Spotlight: A Closer Look at CDS XT

Introducing CDS XT

Revel’s staff is happy to present CDS XT, the most recent generation of our customer display system. Launched in version 2.55 of Revel’s point of sale (POS) app, CDS XT is a best-in-class, customer-facing display screen that simultaneously improves order accuracy and customer experience. Even better, this offering is a exceptional tool for new direction, enabling merchants and operators to promote specials and other content directly to customers.

Amplify Your Brand with the Branding Tool

Provide a fully-branded experience on CDS XT with all the tools offered in Revel’s new Branding Tool. Include your logo, colors, and promotional materials to broaden your advertising image to every touchpoint in the customer experience! Together with the Branding Tool (available through Revel’s management console), create and save”skins” to use for recurring messages like weekly specials and holiday promotions. You can push your saved skins to the CDS XT with one click.

Enhanced Loyalty Program

Allow clients to engage directly with your loyalty program on the CDS XT. Empower new clients to enter their own details on the touch screen to be certain you capture the perfect information. You’ll be able to add them to your loyalty program in minutes. Returning customers may also see their devotion details about the CDS XT, such as accrued points and available rewards.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The customer-facing and interactive display screen gives a different way to engage your customers and create a personalized experience. Additionally, it lets them see their orders being made in real time, reducing mistakes in the order flow. CDS XT is a slick and easy way to take customer experience in your business places to a different level.

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Improved Employee Satisfaction

Extend a bit more love to your employees through CDS XT, which affirms Tip Suggestions by Threshold, permitting you to adjust how proposal proposal prompts are displayed. Use a fixed dollar amount for smaller order totals and percent amounts for larger order totals to guarantee staff members get more for their hard work!

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