how to simplify Magento bulk order processing

Online and offline, wholesale customers are vital to any business. You must take care of your wholesale customers and maximize the wholesale experience.

Magento B2B stores should be aware of the limitations that Magento default Magento places on bulk buying. This includes searching, selecting, and adding products to carts.

B2B customers must deal with many products. This makes it hard and time-consuming to purchase. This can lead to mistakes.

There is an easy way to maximize your wholesale experience with Magento Bulk Order Extension.

This module is focused on efficiency and convenience for wholesalers. It makes it easier to add bulk products quickly and efficiently.

We will be introducing you to the best Magento Bulk Order extension.

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Let’s go!


Bulk orders are when you order a large number of products. Customers who order bulk often get a discount or a lower price.

The bulk ordering process is usually very time-consuming and requires a lot more effort than usual. It’s also easy to make mistakes.

Wholesale customers desire the same flexibility as B2C customers, but self-service eCommerce is now a mainstream trend.

Wholesale customers would like to be able to quickly process bulk Magento 2 orders via their eCommerce website.

To provide a better wholesale experience, your B2B website should meet these requirements:

  • From browsing to ordering, it is a simple process
  • Accelerate your purchase decisions
  • Visualize on-the-go ordering management
  • Reduce the cost of your support staff

Magento 2 bulk order extension is the answer. This can speed up the ordering process, especially for wholesale orders.

Magento 2 bulk order extension has two benefits:

Increase bulk ordering

Wholesale customers demand fast bulk order processing, as we have already mentioned. They are too valuable to waste their time.

Magento 2 bulk order extension allows you to increase bulk ordering by allowing customers bulk buy faster and more easily.

Increase sales

Wholesalers are dependent on time. Time is what will win their hearts.

You can motivate your customers to shop in your store by giving them an easy shopping experience.


We will show you how to simplify the bulk Magento order process.

Magento 2 Quick Purchase by BSS


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BSS, the extension’s developer, has been honored with the title of Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. This honor is for their contribution to the Magento community. Their extensions are incredible, it is certain.

Magento 2 Quick Order is an outstanding extension to them.

This extension is extremely affordable at $119 and offers many features that will allow you to create a seamless B2B ordering experience.

INSTALL Magento Bulk Order Extension!

Quick order by product SKUs


This module will speed up your wholesale ordering process in every step: searching, finding, adding to cart and proceeding to checkout.

This extension has many features that will speed up the process.

This allows customers to search for products by name or SKUs, and to add multiple products directly from the search box.

It supports Elasticsearch and AJAX to help customers quickly filter their searches.

It automatically suggests matched results based on customers’ typing. Auto-select is used when one match has been found.

Bulk Order by uploading a CSV file


Wholesalers are prone to creating order sheets that include product names, quantities, and SKUs. Why not use that form?

This extension allows your customers to download a sample CSV file and input the SKU number and quantity of the products they are interested in.

Wholesale customers can then upload the CSV file to an order form quickly.

Enter multiple SKUs


This extension allows you to enter multiple SKUs or quantities in the Order Field.

While the CSV file does not support custom options or child products, customers can enter SKUs to order nearly all product types quickly (except bundle products).

2 templates for the quick order form


We are confident that Magento 2 Quick Order from BSS is the only extension on the market that offers two types of quick order forms.

These 2 templates:

  • Template 1: Buyers search for products within each line
  • Template 2: The search box is located outside of the form

These templates were created to maximize the wholesale shopping experience. They allow customers to search for and order products by SKU rather than browsing through multiple product pages.

Preload a selection of bestsellers and frequently ordered products based upon customers’ accounts


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B2B customers are more likely to purchase repeatedly during the quarterly or monthly period than B2C customers.

This extension preloads the best-sellers or most frequently ordered products into the quick order form, which helps wholesale buyers save time searching.

After navigating to the form your customers will be able to add products to their carts without performing additional searches.

Support fast order various product types

Magento 2 Quick Order by BSS is compatible with a variety of product types, including simple products, virtual items, downloadable products and simple products with custom options. It also supports configurable products.

It makes ordering easy.

Customers can choose custom options for products by clicking on a popup. This allows them to select the options they want without having to go through product pages.

Customers can choose from multiple products at once, and the popup will show them all with the previous and next buttons.

Mini Fast Order Function


Customers can quickly add products to their orders using Mini Fast Order.

Customers can click the “Fast Order” button in the menu header to see the mini order form at the top of the website.

This is an easy way to add multiple products. This allows your customers to add products to their cart without having to redirect to the order page.

This Mini Fast Order is a simplified version of the standard form. However, it allows you to upload multiple SKUs or bulk order via CSV file.

Responsiveness on multiple devices


This extension allows you to display the quick order form on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

This responsive display gives your wholesale customers the best shopping experience, especially for mobile shoppers.

Mobile shopping is dominating eCommerce’s sales today, which is why this feature is so beneficial.

Segment Quick Order Magento for Specific Customer Groups

If your store is open to both B2B or B2C customers, you can offer the fast order option for B2B customers only.

This means that your B2C customers can still purchase products from the product pages and your B2B customers can place large orders via the quick order form.

Full List of Features:

  • Customers can quickly place orders by SKUs or product names using a form
  • You can order multiple products in bulk via a CSV File
  • Order quickly to get bestsellers and frequently purchased products pre-filled
  • Smart popup allows you to select all product options
  • To purchase products quicker on any page, display a Mini Quick Order Sticky.
  • All Magento 2 products can be used
  • Well responsive on various devices
  • Compatible with Configurable Grid Table View and Request for a Quote
  • Compatible with the Porto theme and the Fastest and Most Infinite of Codazon

Magento 2 Quick Order, while a great B2B extension, is not able to meet all customers’ requirements.

Two amazing extension combinations are recommended to create a strong B2B ordering process.

Magento 2 Fast Order + Configurable Grid Tab View

This combination speeds up bulk orders even more for configurable products.

This combo allows customers to search for and add an SKU to the quick order form. All child products will then be displayed at their fingertips. Customers can view all stock availability and prices at a glance.

Magento 2 Fast Wholesale Order + Request for a Quote

Your website’s price is not enough to satisfy wholesale customers.

They will be more than happy to give you a quote at a personal price.


We have explained in this article why Magento bulk order extension is necessary to maximize the wholesale shopping experience for your store.

We also introduced Magento 2 Quick Order from BSS, the best bulk order extension.

We hope you find this blog helpful.

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