How to Repair Bad Restaurant Reviews: Combat, Grow, and Benefit from Them

Restaurant operators hate to see bad reviews of the institutions. But, there are ways to fix bad restaurant reviews, in addition to advantages to be gleaned from them.

Here are four steps to fix bad restaurant reviews.

1. Avoid overreacting.

Although your first instinct is to”fix” bad restaurant reviews by firing off a direct reply, rather, consider carefully before you respond. Otherwise, your response to poor restaurant reviews of any kind may come off as overly defensive, psychological, and even absurd –which makes the situation worse for you in the long term.


2. Plan your response.

Craft a reply on paper first before posting the last version on the site, site, or social networking site where the review appeared. Return to the origin of the review and aim to post your answer there — where individuals left it, along with that individual’s friends and followers, are most likely to see it. It makes no sense, by way of instance, to respond to a poor review on Yelp if that review appeared on a site or Facebook page or in a Twitter feed.

Keep the conversation positive, word your answer so that it’s apparent that you understand what the client is saying, and explain how you are going to rectify the issue. As an example, if a customer’s complaint based in your restaurant’s food, say something like,”We are so sorry your lasagna was not heated properly when you visited our restaurant on Saturday evening. We have let our employees know this happened and will be certain it will not happen again.

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3. Reach out to the client one-on-one.

Apologize, then ask or suggest what you could do to rectify the issue. Ask what you can do to demonstrate that you truly value the client’s business and want them to present your restaurant another try. Can you provide a meal around the house? Free drinks or dessert? The price you’ll pay for”freebies” to help mend bad restaurant reviews will pale compared to the effect of bad reviews if you make no attempt to make amends with all the people who share them.

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4. Fix the root of the problem.

By way of instance, rectify a criticism about poor customer support by retraining employees about the best way best to treat guests. Multiple negative remarks about a particular dish? Change the recipe or eliminate it from the menu and then substitute with a different option.

Learning Opportunities

Terrible restaurant reviews can actually result in advantages for your restaurant: You may find that a poor review:

  1. Sparks answers that protect your restaurant’s reputation, generate new business, and promote faithful customers to return. Your restaurant’s reputation is a lot more likely to stay intact, and new and present customers will be more likely to patronize it, when you correctly try to repair bad restaurant reviews. The exact same is true if, through your answers, you demonstrate that you are working to maintain high standards by fixing problems straight away.
  2. Can help to identify areas that warrant improvement. You can not rectify problems on your restaurant if you are not conscious of them. Terrible restaurant reviews can pinpoint exactly what changes are necessary, whether it’s improvements to client service, additional staff training, new policies and processes (e.g., for bookings ), or any combination thereof. The more positive changes you make on your restaurant, the more attention it will get from local media — and the easier it’ll be to build brand awareness.
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Finding out that you will need to repair bad restaurant reviews might not be a nice experience. However, addressing these reviews the ideal way — and learning from them — will help your restaurant grow and improve in the long term.

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