How to offer live chat support on your Odoo website

Customer satisfaction is an essential component of any business. Happy customers lead to increased business. You can make customers happy by offering discounts and better website UI.

While most of these methods can be temporary, they will not guarantee customer satisfaction. You must think long-term and find a way to ensure customer satisfaction that is more than a one-off sale. It should also be a way to build long-term, healthy relationships with your clients.

Potential customers may have questions or doubts before, during and after purchasing. So resolve these queries quickly to build trust in your business.

Live chat support is the best option for customers. Live chat support allows you to quickly resolve customer queries.

It increases the likelihood that the customer will make a purchase if the questions are pre-sales. It gives customers a wonderful experience that leads to them choosing your site over others.

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Live Chat Support on a Website

These are the benefits that a business receives after installing the Live Chat Support option on their website:

  • Chat support is more cost-effective than phone support.
  • Live Chat Support is a great way to increase your conversion rate.
  • It ensures customer satisfaction.
  • It is also possible to identify the pain points of customers.
  • Chat support is easier to track than phone support.
  • This allows you to quickly resolve your problems.

Live Chat Support Option

A customer visiting a website expects to be able to contact live chat support for any questions. A report states that 60% of customers expect a prompt response to their inquiries.

Live chat support is the best digital contact method for customers online. It allows you to get to know your customers better.

According to a report from Zendesk 92% of customers are satisfied with live chat support. This is in comparison to voice (88%), web forms (85%), and social media (Facebook 84%; Twitter 77%).

Chat support is a service that depends on the level of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Do You Plan to Provide Live Chat Support for Your Customers on Your Odoo Website?

Live Chat Support at Odoo Website

  1. Open the Apps module and search for “Live Chat“. Click on the Install button.
  2. Go to the Website module, click on the Configuration tab, and navigate to Settings for the Live chat option.
  1. Choose the channel you want to link to your Odoo site or create a new channel directly from the Live Chat module in Odoo.
  2. To edit or create a live chat channel, you will need to add Channel Name and Add Operators. This allows you to respond to chat requests. Operators who do not respond to chat requests for more than 30 minutes are considered disconnected. You can also leave/join the channel from this page.
  1. Click on the Options tab to set the default text for the live chat button. This includes an automated welcome message that visitors will see when a conversation is started and text that prompts users to start a chat. You can also change the channel header color and livechat button.
  1. Go to the channel rules tab. Click on the Add a Line button and select an action for a URL. You can also set it for each country separately. You can also set an Auto Pop Up Timer to pop up the chat window after a specified time, when users land on the contact page.
  1. If you don’t have Odoo installed on your website, the code can be found under the Widget tab. Odoo offers a URL that you can send users to access a single chat page.
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  2. Visitors initiate conversations that appear as a direct message. These messages are displayed in the Discuss Module.
  1. Refer to the screenshot below to see how Odoo’s Live Chat Support looks at customers end.

Webkul Offers Live Chat Support for your Odoo Online Store

Odoo Marketplace Buyers Seller Live Chat

You are here if you use Odoo Multivendor Marketplace for selling products/services. This module allows customers to chat directly with sellers via Live Chat. They can ask questions about the marketplace or products. Your sellers will also benefit from the Live Chats that they have available to them.

Features Available In Oo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live chat
  • Provide a live chat option between customers and sellers
  • All sellers can be tracked.
  • Each message in a conversation is sent to the customer via a notification.
  • There are multiple chat widgets available in both the front-end and backend.

Odoo WhatsApp Integration

You can now provide quick support via WhatsApp to your customers. Odoo Whatsapp chat Integration allows you to integrate Whatsapp Livechat with Odoo. It also adds a Whatsapp widget on your Odoo website. You can also segregate your support team so that customers can easily contact the relevant person.

Customers can also view the availability of Team members. The module Odoo Chat Integration allows you to provide quick and efficient support to your customers.

Features Available in Odoo WhatsApp Integration
  • Customers can connect directly to you via their WhatsApp accounts.
  • As needed, you can segregate different support teams.
  • You can customize the Whatsapp Chat Widget colors
  • Chat Widget Support Team Availability
  • Customers can view the Whatsapp Chat Head from Odoo’s Website.

This is not all! Webkul also offers Whatsapp Chat Integration with Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Odoo Marketplace Whatsapp Live Chat lets your customers interact directly with sellers through Whatsapp. They can ask questions about the marketplace or products. Customers can create a WhatsApp chat window for each seller so they can contact them directly. To improve customer experience and convenience, you can offer real-time support to Odoo marketplace customers.

Features Available in Odoo Marketplace WhatsApp Chat Integration
  • Chat support using Whatsapp on Odoo Marketplace
  • Add the Whatsapp Chat widget to The Marketplace Website
  • Answer Customers’ Questions and Issues via Whatsapp
  • Features a Chat Section for Each Seller
  • Admin Control on Which Sellers Can Provide Chat Support
  • Modify the Whatsapp Chat Widget User Interface from Odoo

Odoo Commerce Chat

Start chatting with clients by integrating Facebook Messenger with Odoo After successful configuration, Odoo Website now supports a Facebook Messenger chat head.

Chat directly with customers via Facebook, which can be configured to your Odoo. Increase customer engagement and client satisfaction.

Customers of Odoo website can log in directly to their Facebook Accounts via the chat head and begin a conversation with you. The module allows customers to chat directly with admins.

Odoo Facebook Chat lets your customers chat directly with you via Odoo Website using Facebook messenger. It is also possible to identify customer pain points, which can help you improve your products and services.

Features Available in Odoo Social Commerce Chat
  • Checkbox to enable/disable Facebook Messenger Chat on Odoo Website
  • To connect to your Facebook account, customers must log in to their Facebook accounts.
  • Facebook Messenger Inbox allows you to receive the message of your customer.
  • Facebook allows you to reply directly to the message of your customer.
  • In the Odoo backend setting, set a custom color theme code.
  • You can add Logged In and Logged Out Greeting Messages to the backend.


Webkul has developed the Odoo Apps that you can use to provide live chat support in Odoo. These Odoo Apps can be used to provide chat support.

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