How to choose the right Magento Development Agency for Your Business In 2022


How to choose the right Magento Development Agency for Your Business In 2022

There are many Magento development agencies. It is not surprising that business owners get lost scrolling through endless lists of options and don’t know which agency best suits their needs. We can help.

This article will help determine your needs and guide you to find the right Magento agency for your project. Your choice of provider will have a direct impact on the amount of time and finances required to build your online shop. Your choice can also have a long-term impact on your eCommerce project.
Let’s take a look at the trusted Magento 2 development companies. What questions should you ask before making a decision?

Having trouble finding the right Magento eCommerce developers to work on your project?
You can find the Magento market overview, guidelines and other information that will assist you in making a decision.


Check out these Magento Development Agencies that are well-respected

Based on customer feedback and agency portfolio, we have compiled a list. Each company is skilled in Magento development and optimization, as well as migration and other tech services related to Magento.


GoMage, a well-respected eCommerce development company, PWAs enabler, and Adobe Solution Partner, has more than 11 years Magento experience and more than 1,000 completed projects.

GoMage has been an Adobe partner since the foundation of Magento. This makes them one of the most trusted agencies in the industry. It offers a variety of services to its clientscustom Magento Development, Magento 2 Migration,, optimization, website design and 24/7 support. GoMage offers PWA development, based on either their own product or any other market storefront.

The Magento web developer says that their passion is helping innovative online merchants achieve their goals. They have received positive feedback from past clients and ongoing customers, which proves they are doing a great work following their passion.

Hourly Rate: $50-$99

Size: around 100

Minimum project cost: $5.000+

Location(s), United States, Netherlands

Adobe partner level: Magento Solution Partner


Overdose was founded in 2016 and now has 450+ commerce professionals located all around the globe. Overdose has won and been nominated in numerous industry awards.

There are many areas of expertise.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Search Insights

Hourly Rate: n/a

Size: 450+

Minimum project cost: n/a

Locations New Zealand. Australia. Ukraine. Singapore. Austria. Germany. USA.

Adobe partner level: Gold Solution Partners


JH team was founded in 2009 and is known as the eCommerce agency for brands that want to set the standard. They are Adobe Commerce Gold Partners, and host Meet Magento UK since the beginning of 2004. Their sites have been delivered to their B2B clients and B2C customers and reflect the exciting, ever-progressing era of technology. JH also offers mobile development and PWA services to its clients.

Hourly Rate: n/a

Size: 11-50

Minimum project cost: $50,000.

Location(s), United Kingdom

Adobe partner level: Gold Solution Partners


These Magento eCommerce developers were established in 2009 and have completed over 170 projects around the globe. The eWave team claims that they simplify complex problems by balancing the power of meaningful experiences with intelligent delivery. eWave Group employs 970 people and has several companies across a range of sectors including high-tech and IoT supply chain management, real estate, and solutions for the medical sector.

Hourly Rate: n/a

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Size: 50-249

Minimum project cost: n/a

Location(s): Israel, United States, Brazil, Europe

Adobe partner level: Platinum Solution Partners


Corra has been trusted by large retailers to support and implement the SAP Hybris and Magento Enterprise platforms. This Magento web developer has been a top-rated Magento developer since 2002. Corra has seven offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and a headquarters in London. This allows it to be a unique resource for global retailers who have ambitious revenue goals.

Hourly Rate: $100-$149

Size: 50-249

Minimum project cost: $5.000+

Location(s), United Kingdom, United States

Adobe partner level: Global elite solution partner


Vaimo was established in 2008 and is now one of five Magento Global Elite Partners. This Magento web development company has been involved in many well-known European projects. They have provided solutions to their clients across all sectors of the B2B and B2C industries for 14 years.

Services Vaimo provides to its clients:

  • UX/UI
  • eCommerce development
  • Branding
  • Digital strategy

Hourly Rate: $100-$149

Size: 250-999

Minimum project cost: 100,000+

Location(s), United Kingdom, United States

Adobe partner level: Global elite solution partner

Gorilla Group

Gorilla Group, a B2B Magento agency that provides end-to-end experience-driven commerce services and solutions, is an award-winning company. Gorilla Group has many years of experience in strategy and experience design, digital marketing, managed services, and technology enablement. They create high-performing commerce solutions to help clients B2B and direct to consumers succeed in the digital age.

Hourly Rate: n/a

Size: 1,000-9,999+

Minimum project cost: n/a

Location(s),: United States of America, Poland, Ukraine

Adobe partner level: Global elite solution partner

Born Group

BORN, a Tech Mahindra business, creates unique brand experiences through connecting ten anchors that serve the foundation of digital economy: content production, creative design, conversions and cloud technology. One of the most prestigious Magento companies, they focus on Enterprise Commerce and Experience Design.

Hourly Rate: $150-$199

Size: 250-999

Minimum project cost: 10,000+

Location(s): United States, United Kingdom, China, Singapore

Adobe partner level: Global elite solution partner

Questions to ask a Magento Development Agency before Hiring

It is important to know your expectations and work ethic before signing a contract. This will help you decide if the potential Magento web developer is worth your time, money and faith. Here is a list with 14 questions you should ask your Magento eCommerce agency during the getting-to know stage.

1) How long have your been working with Magento for?

An excellent indicator of their trustworthiness and expertise is the time that an eCommerce provider has been in business. This is a difficult area to trust a newbie in, especially if the project involves a lot of work and has a large scope. Magento is a complicated platform. The best Magento agencies have dealt with many of these issues and can help you resolve them. It is a smart decision to hire experienced Magento 2 developers. This will help you save a lot of money on development.

2) Are you a certified Magento eCommerce development company?

Asking if they are Magento Solution Partners is a great way to find out if the agency you are considering fits your requirements for Magento development. Magento partners are worth considering as they have specific requirements that must be met to become a “Partner”. This includes having certain sales staff certified in Adobe’s latest products, completing a specific Business Compliance Training and Questionnaire, and continuing to improve your Adobe skills by regularly attending training sessions.

You can also view all official Adobe partners on The Solution Partners Page.


Don’t forget to read the reviews of the company: Glassdoor can shed light on how great Magento development companies are as employers and Clutch will show how satisfied their customers are.

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Looking for a certified Magento development agency? Get a project evaluation from GoMage


3) Do you have experience with websites in my industry

Although we wouldn’t consider it a dealbreaker, it may be an advantage. Here’s why.

You may require some customizations if you are a specialist in kitchen tools. If your Magento web developer has experience with similar websites in your industry they may have developed the functionality you need or something close to it for previous clients.

If the answer to your question has been already mapped out for a client in your niche, this will save you endless hours of searching and improvement.

4) What are your actions if you have to exceed budget? How often have you needed to do this? Why?

Let’s face it, the question isn’t whether your agency will exceed its budget. It’s about how much. Ask them about their average statistics regarding the hours estimated versus actual for projects similar to yours.

If you find a Magento eCommerce company that has a track record of delivering projects with an average variance of 15% or lower, it is a good idea to sign up for a contract.

5) What are the testing and quality assurance processes in your agency?

Every professional Magento 2 development company will have a QA/testing protocol. You should also be curious about how complex their process. Ask them to send you a copy of their testing and quality assurance processes. You should choose those agencies that can do this.

There are many things to consider when choosing from so many Magento website developers. Testing and quality assurance should not be a problem. Poor testing and QA can lead to poor code that will in the future cause bugs and require constant redevelopment.


6) What are the benefits of your post-deployment support services?

There is a good chance that you will need additional Magento web development services once the project has gone live. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions that you will communicate with your team and how they will cooperate.

Magento eCommerce developers rarely cut off correspondence. However, it is a good idea to write down the terms.

7) Is my project to be managed by your Magento web developers in-house or outsourced?

It is no secret that many Magento website development companies use the services of offshore developers. It is not a bad thing. We prefer to work only with in-house experts because we have complete control over code quality and project management. The reputation of a Magento web development company that outsources services is at greater risk.

Ask the agency how many Magento 2 (Adobe), training certificates they have if they work with Magento web developers offshore. This will give you a good indication of their level of expertise. Ask them to send you their CVs if possible.

8) How do you structure your reports?

The reports of your Magento web developer should be displayed in the form or examples. These reports should be clear and easy-to-read. Ask for the next questions in your reports.

  • What milestones and tasks have you completed?
  • What are the next ones?
  • Which issues were faced and why? What were the solutions?

While a phone meeting can be helpful, a Magento agency that is truly transparent and accountable will offer you transparency and accountability. This includes detailed, transparent and consistent reporting.

9) What’s your security policy?

It is important that you are interested in how your information will be secured and kept confidential. Ask them about any special agreements or who is responsible for handling this matter. Trustworthy Magento eCommerce development companies will be equally interested in your security.

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It is not what you want to see your data being used by third parties.

10) How many Magento 2 projects are you familiar with?

We believe you should prioritize quality over quantity when answering this question. However, we know you want your Magento agency with a lot of experience in launching new stores and adopting new technologies, such as progressive web apps, to be able to help you.

Most importantly, you will have a great experience.

Remember not to rely on your words. Ask for proof. Ask for case studies from the same or other field projects. These are the “faces” of any Magento theme development company.

11) How does your development process look and what deadlines are you working to?

The Magento web developer will provide you with detailed information about how they manage the development process to answer your questions. This document will help you to understand the development process and what you can expect at each stage. The timelines are another important topic. They should be well-described and clear.

Here’s a quick overview of the typical process for a Magento web development company: Discovery > Scope > Design and Development> QA > Launch >QA.

12) How can you communicate with clients?

You should be aware of how they communicate if you decide to hire Magento developers . Slack, or any other instant messaging tool used by Magento 2 developers, should be ensured that they are focused on quick and immediate communication. This is a great way to stay in touch with your team and answer any questions you may have. We are confident that this will happen.

13) How do I manage projects?

Each Magento development company has a different approach to project management. Ask these questions when searching for a vendor:

  • Is there a dedicated project manager?
  • Is there a project management group at Magento website development company? How is it structured?
  • Whom should you contact if you need to receive updates about the project?
  • What is the best way to reach these people?
  • Which tool can you use to track progress and follow the task flow?

14) How much time will it take to get back to you? How available are you?

Your Magento web developer and you must work together to ensure that the deadlines are met. Because time is money, the development process can’t afford to take long breaks. Sales will grow faster if you get results quickly.

Learn how to handle requests. Do you have an emergency phone number or mail address? Your project manager will be available within one hour, two hours or four.

Sending emails or calling them with simple questions is a good way to check their response times. This will allow you to quickly determine if you would like this agency to offer Magento web development services.


We hope that the list of Magento eCommerce companies and the questions we ask will help you to find the right Magento development agency for you online store.

We want to conclude by saying that selecting the best Magento developers is a crucial and life-changing decision. When choosing the right Magento agency for you, we recommend that you weigh all of the pros and cons.


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