How Integration of Port Virtualization Technology to the POS system Could Save Time and Money

To keep their businesses operating smoothly, companies rely on POS systems, which help process sales, monitor remote devices, measure productivity, and analyze sales data. The procedure for POS system development usually takes much time and energy. Additionally, significant resources and energy are devoted to its improvement.

Developers of modern POS systems are producing cloud-based solutions able to virtualize sales gear and divert it over network. Such solutions enable saving costs on system setup and help enhance the rate of interaction between POS devices. However, attempting to make their own device virtualization technology, POS system developers may face a real challenge. Writing a custom port redirection technology is a hard and time-consuming procedure, which demands much expert knowledge and experience. Therefore it’s far better to leave this to the pros.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) is an efficient solution which can be customized to satisfy up with the POS system’s particular needs. Altered functionality of EPVT can be easily incorporated into any POS platform or hardware POS device (barcode scanners, terminals, etc.).


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Here are some examples of successful integration of Port Virtualization Technology into customers‘ solutions:

  1. Traffic redirection into the POS server

EPVT has made it possible to redirect all the POS device traffic (+/- 200 devices) to a central server. This removed the need for each POS device to connect to a different corporation. The traffic has been forwarded to the appropriate partner from one data server.

In actuality, EPVT provided all the POS devices using their own applications that enabled connecting the equipment to a Windows machine. To put it differently, all POS devices can now communicate with one server which establishes the sole connection to the remote website.

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“We can move all information to the single data center and today, thanks to EPVT, our POS system functions as a cloud-based solution”

  1. POS software developement

POS software developers use EPVT as a serial port monitoring tool when writing and testing a Windows C# desktop application. The Port Virtualization Technology helps emulate communication with multiple serial ports and hardware devices attached to them, in addition to log information moving through COM interfaces already opened by another app.

Major Advantages of EPVT integration to POS systems:

  1. With EPVT you can greatly enhance the performance of your solution and so attract more customers.
  1. You get a competitive edge relative to your opponents, open new markets, and significantly improve your company revenues.
  1. Versatile technology offers multi-platform support and can be easily integrated into any OS. You’ll find a exceptional product tailored to fit your precise needs.

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