Home Textiles Manufacturer Exceeds Amazon Advertising Revenue Goals With ChannelAdvisor

This well-known home decor maker provides discerning consumers with a number of fabrics, from blankets and bedsheets to table linens, towels, shower curtains and more. The business has concentrated on helping people furnish their homes with high quality, fashionable products.

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Though the brand had developed a strong presence on Amazon, the e-commerce team says they were convinced that the firm could produce even more sales with the ideal strategy in place.

Especially, the fabric maker says it was attempting to generate additional earnings by benefiting from Amazon Advertising opportunities.


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In an attempt to spend the supplier’s Amazon sales to the next level of growth, the brand says it turned to ChannelAdvisor due to its distinctive combination of innovative technologies and e-commerce experience. As the brand Began to fine-tune its market strategy, the team relied on several of the ChannelAdvisor platform‘s key tools and solutions, such as:

The combination of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform and digital marketing experience was exactly what the brand necessary to reach its earnings goals.


Since working with ChannelAdvisor Managed Services, this cloth manufacturer says the firm has always achieve its monthly goals for the shipped cost of goods sold (COGS) and advertising revenue. The company reports earnings gains over a six-month interval happen to be up to six times larger than expected sometimes.

Especially, the brand set out to reach a high-income ad revenue increase of at least 25 percent each month. Along with continuously reaching this goal, the brand states ChannelAdvisor helped the staff produce up to 150 percent more in advertising revenue on Amazon.

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“Reaching results like this requires a genuine team effort and a intricate strategy,” explained Lindsey Peterson, client strategy manager at ChannelAdvisor. “It’s important to closely collaborate, constantly innovate, and grab every opportunity to leverage the resources available. ChannelAdvisor’s robust platform together with our advertising expertise has turned out to be a winning combination for this specific brand.”

Preparing Your Business for the New Seller Fulfilled Prime Prerequisites

If you’re a part of the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program, you’ve probably discovered by now that Amazon will be implementing any important changes to delivery times starting February 1 to ensure the expectations of Prime members are happy.

Amazon has outlined these new changes and requirements in the following articles found within Seller Central:

Whenever you haven’t read the above posts, then we would suggest starting there to receive a complete understanding of why Amazon has chosen to make this move, as well as the specific expectations that were set for vendors in the SFP program.

We all know that these changes are quite impactful to vendors whose businesses rely on SFP, so we’ve shared a few recommendations below on how to Be Sure You’re Ready for the February deadline:

Assess your current performance metrics in Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance Dashboard

Reviewing your current SFP metrics is helpful in understanding how your existing delivery times match up to the new requirements. You may be surprised with the findings as Amazon recently shared that over 16 percent of U.S. orders sent through Seller Fulfilled Prime fulfilled the two-day delivery promise. This detail seems to have changed the decision to require Saturday shipping beginning in February.

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Taking the opportunity to become knowledgeable regarding the dashboard itself and all of the widgets available will be helpful as you become acclimated to the new requirements. You’ll also find best practices within the dashboard specific to improving your Prime speed performance.

Assess the capabilities of your transportation carriers and warehouse operations

Now that you’re acquainted with the new requirements, consider how your present operation fits into them. Does your existing shipping carrier supply Saturday pickup? Are your warehouses equipped to operate on Saturdays? What changes will you wish to make to your existing operation to fulfill the new shipping deadlines?

We would recommend diving into every one of those things in the coming weeks, if you have not already done so, to understand how your current operations will be impacted and to begin preparing the necessary parties that are likely to be involved.

Begin implementing changes sooner rather than later

Whenever you have answered the above questions, build a timeline of the changes you’ll have to make and begin implementing as soon as possible. Using this method, you’ll be able to monitor your metrics in the dashboard ahead of the deadline to make sure you’re on track to meet the criteria come February.

This will be a exceptional way to fully understand that products and warehouses could realistically meet the new deadlines. Using this chance to make alterations to transfer carrier and templates pickup times will make sure you don’t encounter important issues down the road that could place your Prime badge at risk.

Be selective with your SFP product variety

During the testing process, actively monitor the shipping Speed report to understand that which of your ASINs may be underperforming. This report breaks down the detail page views for each ASIN, along with the number of times it was shown on an Amazon PDP across the following time frames: one-day delivery time, two-day delivery period, and greater than expedited delivery in both the standard and oversized transport measurements.

As you approach February, you may want to consider moving underperforming ASINs out of SFP to make certain you are fulfilling the new requirements while also maintaining your Prime badge eligibility.

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Restructure your advertising campaigns

The moment you’ve got a fantastic comprehension of what ASINs do according to the new guidelines, be the time to restructure your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns to ensure you’re not actively marketing products that could bring down your delivery speed averages.

Option Options

While the new SFP shipping requirements are much stricter than before, some brands and retailers may determine that SFP may no longer be the best solution for their business. If that’s correct, below are a few options to remember that could be possible choices.

Consider additional satisfaction options

  • Fulfillment from Amazon (FBA): Although FBA fees may have discouraged you from the program before, this may be a excellent time to rethink your choices. Building out a cost analysis to compare the FBA fees you would incur, compared to the growing cost of transportation to adhere to the new SFP regulations could provide you with clear answers on what the next action to consider could be.
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL): If you would prefer not to use FBA, but also don’t have the inhouse capabilities to satisfy the new SFP requirements, exploring partnering with a third party logistics provider (3PL) may be beneficial to you. A list of third party logistics providers (3PLs) who connect with ChannelAdvisor are available here.

Read more about both FBA and 3PLs on our site.

Expand into marketplaces Past Amazon

In case you’ve been on the fence about expanding into new marketplaces, then this may be a perfect time to cultivate your footprint within e-commerce. Increasing the number of sites and locales you are selling on eliminates your dependence on any specific website, which, in turn, causes fewer problems if any single market makes an unforeseen decision that may heavily affect your organization.

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