Here’s how Cleverchefs grew their PS3M catering business

Nick Collins and his staff have catered thousands of events and weddings across the UK over the past five-years. Then came March 2020. COVID-19 shaken the wedding industry. Cleverchefs took charge and put in the box.

They now sell food boxes online that include restaurant-quality meals. It’s quite British, to be blunt. Cleverchefs have amassed more than PS50k in two months just by selling Wix online.

Collins intends to keep eCommerce going no matter what happens next.

Check out his interview with Wix Best Sellers. Check out his story and get expert business advice below.

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The fundamental ingredients

“I never imagined that we would reach this stage when we started. We almost turned PS3m last year.”

Collins was our interviewer at Cleverchefs headquarters in Bristol, UK. We get a clear picture of Cleverchefs’ success in catering with their beautiful tasting room, kitchens, and offices.

Collins was only 16 years old when he became a chef. Collins started his own company after 20 years of working in the industry. Collins says, “I saw a huge gap in the market for fine-dining event catering and I just grabbed it with both my hands.” Collins founded the company by himself in December 2015. He now has 100 employees, PS3 million in annual revenue, and two prestigious catering awards.

Cleverchefs was founded on the principle of serving delicious and beautiful food. Cleverchefs grows with every wedding that they cater. Cleverchefs caters 8-9 weddings per hour by 2020. Collins’ high-end team of restaurant chefs manages most of the events. However, Collins has been known to take over as his chef in busy times.

Their business expanded to Cardiff headquarters. Collins shows us around the Cleverchefs Kitchen and explains that the space has tripled over the past three years.

Cleverchefs also commits to sustainability in their business model. They use sustainable ingredients and plastic alternatives to cook, and they drive fuel-efficient trucks. They make a positive difference in the world and at their events.

Cleverchefs’ talents and taste

“People are often shocked at what they get for a 150-person wedding.”

Collins ensures that the company continues to be personal as it grows. Cleverchefs provides restaurant-quality food and presentation, no matter how big the event. Collins said, “We have that big company feel but we are small enough to care about and make sure everything is perfect.”

Collins continues to promote Cleverchefs’ excellence through their branding. He says, “It’s all about perfection in the food sector.” “Creating something different and bright.” From Cleverchefs’ tasting area to their website, everything is brightly colored and designed with care.

cleverchefs homepage cleverchefs homepage Source: Cleverchefs

Collins said that when Collins asked clients why they choose us over other companies, most of them replied with “Our website”. They can feel our passion and how we connect with them, which makes us stand out as creative catering companies.

Their work lives up the hype. Cleverchefs plates are meticulously designed and made by Cleverchefs.

Collins, despite having catered thousands of weddings over the years, finds every event unique and exciting. It’s great to be a part and witness someone’s day come together.

cleverchefs wedding catering cleverchefs wedding catering Source: Cleverchefs

Collins considers Cleverchefs a part of his family. He is the founder but he doesn’t believe in a rigid hierarchy. All ideas and passions are welcomed. He is always present at all levels. Lucy Alchin, Event Chef, confirms that Nick is passionate about his work and was a great help. He truly pulled me in to the company.”

Collins values the “cleverness” of Cleverchefs above all else. Because it allows Collins to be creative and change quickly, he loves being an independent caterer.

Modifying the recipe using an online store

“We are reaching people who have never heard of us before.”

When COVID-19 hit the UK, Cleverchefs were crucial in their creativity. It was becoming increasingly difficult for clients to cancel weddings or other events.

The team decided to take a step back. The team decided to take a step back.

They would sell food boxes to customers and then deliver them to their homes. Collins says, “We provided a new way to enjoy great food and stay safe.” British clients wanted the best afternoon tea so Cleverchefs created an afternoon tea box.

Cleverchefs tea for two product page Cleverchefs tea for two product page Source: Cleverchefs

They knew that they needed to open an online store . Cleverchefs’ website had already been hosted on Wix so they added Wix eCommerce tools to get started.

Collins was nervous about selling online. He says, “It was something that I had never done before.” Collins connected WixPayments to allow customers to make secure online payments. He then began to send out email marketing to spread word.

Cleverchefs were able to quickly make changes using the Wix Editor and Backend. Collins says that Wix allows us to make any changes at the drop-of-a-hat.

Cleverchefs used high-quality photography to promote their online shop. Collins used Wix Video Maker for showing off their dishes in posts. He says, “I was blown by the video maker.” “We created clips that match our brand perfectly.”

They were able to set up the store within a matter of days. Cleverchefs’ Facebook page brought in their first customers online. Collins states that they have seen their social media followers explode. We’re reaching people who have never heard of us before. Orders came in waves. Cleverchefs sold more than 500 afternoon tea boxes in the first week. Collins and his team packed, packaged and delivered each box in their catering vans.

Collins claims that in just two months, the online store’s revenue exceeded PS50,000.

Cleverchefs’ most popular item is still the afternoon tea. They’ve added more quality boxes from restaurants to their online food shop over time, including lotus caramel cheesecake, and an American feast box. A Steakaway service has been launched, which offers freshly-barbequed steaks that can be picked up at their Cardiff headquarters.

A new plan

“I want Cleverchefs at the forefront of everyone’s minds–one the best caterers in the world.”

Cleverchefs online food store is more than a backup plan. Collins says, “Initially, we opened an internet store to keep business coming in since weddings and other events were cancelled. But it’s been great to get our name out and provide for clients.” Collins says that they want to continue selling their food boxes, even if weddings are cancelled.

Collins hopes to continue strengthening Cleverchefs by expanding their business model. “I want Cleverchefs at the forefront of everyone’s minds–one the most talented caterers around.”


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