Free and Easy Returns Build Customer Loyalty

Shoppers have generally come to expect online stores to provide returns, refunds, and exchanges for items that are defective, damaged, or not as expected. And when retailers don’t have a liberal return policy, some shoppers may simply opt to make purchases on another site.

Returns, however, can be pricey, especially for small online vendors. There might be a real temptation to charge for return shipping, restocking, or to simply refuse to take returns entirely. But these choices are probably not great for creating an internet retail business.

Instead, attempt to build a better ecommerce coverage.


Return Policy a Long-term Business Conclusion

The first step toward building, if you will, a larger return policy is to keep in mind how your company treats yields should be a part of a long-term strategy aimed at developing repeat customers.

… how your company treats yields should be a part of a long-term strategy aimed at developing repeat customers.

Loyal, repeat customers are more valuable than new customers in at least three ways.

First, there is a lower acquisition cost associated with purchases from repeat shoppers. To get a shopper to attend an online shop for the first time, many online merchants invest heavily in pay-per-click advertising, other online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, plus much more. By comparison, loyal customers often return to a merchant’s website of their own accord or in response to an email marketing message, which isn’t as costly.

Second, an internet retailer’s repeat customers will typically spend more each time they make a purchase.

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In a 2012 study, “The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers,” Adobe found that returning customers, those who reunite for another purchase, and repeating clients, those who return for three or more purchases, send three times and five times more, respectively, compared to a brand new client will on each purchase.

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Actually, according to the 2012 Adobe study, a new customer in the usa will create about $2.06 in earnings per trip, a returning visitor coming back for another purchase will create something like $5.22 in earnings each trip, and the repeat customer coming back for three or more purchases will create about $10.24 in earnings each trip.

Third, a merchant’s loyal customers will spend more over time, since they return over and over.

Free and Easy Returns Drives Repeat Buyers

So what does this have to do with creating a larger return policy? Offering simple and free returns can help an internet retail business build lasting connections with copying customers, though a return policy which restricts customers or charges , can inhibit and damage customer relationships.

Offering simple and free returns can help an internet retail business build lasting connections with repeating customers…

In 2008, United Parcel Service commissioned a Forrester Research study titled “Crafting a Returns Policy that Creates a Competitive Advantage Online.” This study found that 81 percent of respondents are somewhat more loyal to online retailers that offered free, no-questions investigated yields, and that 73 percent of respondents are less likely to purchase from a merchant if returning a item was a hassle.

Similarly a 2012 Washington and Lee University research reported that shoppers who had obtained a free return from an online merchant would increase their purchases with that merchant at 58 percent and around 357 percent on a 2-year period.

Unfortunately, when shoppers were charged for a return, their potential purchases dropped at least 74 percent and in many cases they would not return whatsoever.

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With this information as background, try to map out how your retail business will treat yields. How long after a purchase should a customer be able to return a product? Do some things have different return policies in comparison to other products? Are there any times when you just refund a purchase and permit the customer keep the products?

Finally, be certain to measure your return policy’s success. Do customers with a yield experience frequently return and make additional purchases, or not?

Return Policy Ought to Be Written for Clients, Not Lawyers

Once an internet retailer has decided on its customer-winning return policy, it must communicate that policy to shoppers in a transparent way. Unfortunately, it’s easy to earn return policy descriptions that seem like they were written by a lawyer for different attorneys. Butultimately, a written return policy should be for customers, not the legal system.

Online merchant Zappos, for example, provides an easy-to-understand return policy.

Zappos can communicate its recurrence policy in two very clear paragraphs.

Aim for a Hassle-free Client Experience

Finally, an online merchant’s return policy is only good if returning a item is in fact easy and hassle-free. Oftentimes, this has more to do with infrastructure and applications. How can a shopper initiate a return? What is the shipping label managed? How long will refunds take to process?

Here again, Zappos acts as a fantastic example.

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