Four Ways to Make Your Emerging Ecommerce Brand Stand Out


Your company has a great product, and your team is excited about the future. Now, the challenge lies in distinguishing your brand from other competitors. There are currently more than 7.1 million ecommerce websites online, with new ones being added every day.

This topic is something that , a branding company is passionate about. We see branding as a way to differentiate.

Below is a list of strategies that our team believes are effective in helping brands stand out among the rest.

Embrace Your No. You are the only differentiator

Apart from the high quality products that you offer, your company’s culture is the most important thing. Your company is unique because you and your employees are the only ones who can do it.

It creates an unique appeal for your company by focusing on the cultural DNA.

Customers aren’t just buying your product, they’re also buying you. Customers will feel more comfortable buying from companies with similar values and outlooks if they feel confident about it.

Companies that are emotionally unambivalent about their products have suffered from the same amount of customer ambivalence. Excited people will be excited for you!

What can you do to highlight your culture?

  • In everything you do, from marketing materials to packaging products, reflect the values of your company’s mission.
  • Your site should offer a livechat that allows customers to get support via email or telephone. This helps you to distinguish your company from other companies that may only offer email support or none at all. You can be different if you offer a live chat option, which is a distinct advantage. Pro Tip: Be sure that your customer service tone matches your brand.
  • Customers who sign up for your newsletter/mailing list will receive an exclusive community experience. This could be in the form of special discount codes, members-only sales, or giveaways. This is something no competitor can match.
  • An influencer campaign can help you leverage your company’s online visibility. There are many influencers with a large following on social media, which means that there are endless opportunities for your business to be featured in front of new audiences. If your product is targeted at mothers and babies, you might consider partnering with an Instagram account or parenting blog that targets the same audience.
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Polish Do not skimp!

It should be evident in all aspects that you are excited about the impact your brand can make on others’ lives. Your marketing should demonstrate this.

It will show when you “phone it into” it. It is worth investing in the design and appearance of your marketing materials, images, videos, and other media. Because it sends a message that you care about quality.

How can you show polish?

Your website design is important.

It might be worthwhile to outsource to a design agency if you don’t have enough money to hire a full time developer. Even if everything is being done in-house you should ensure that each element of your website is professionally designed.

Quality photography is essential for packaging and marketing materials.

Research shows that people trust images more than text alone. There are affordable options for photographers, even if you don’t have the budget to hire one or outsource your photos to professional agencies. You can find groups on social media to connect local photographers and people who need their work done cheaply.

Packaging should be well thought out.

This is where your brand’s bulk will be, so make sure it looks great. This is a fun process, since you have already shown your willingness to invest in the things that matter.

Make sure that printed materials are of high quality and easy-to-read.

Customers are not just purchasing a product; they are also buying your brand. Your marketing materials should reaffirm customers’ decision to buy from your company, and not give them more reasons to not.

Your website should look professional, not “under construction” or as a placeholder for a later redesign.

Your website is the first impression people have of your company. Customers will leave if your website doesn’t communicate that you are ready to go. Although you can get a professional website, it is possible to work with an agency or hire a team of developers in-house. However, this can be costly in the end.

You can create beautiful websites with many platforms like BigCommerce. You can create beautiful websites using their integrations and tools.

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Be clear in your messages

You might want to wait if you don’t have much to say about your brand, or if you are having trouble communicating the value proposition of what you offer. Engaging in dialogue with customers is a way to sell more. They can connect on a deeper level with them and show a greater understanding of their customers’ needs.

Trust is the key.

In this age of ecommerce trust is essential. It’s important for customers to have secure options, as well as answering any questions and showing proofs such as return policies.

Is it worth paying more for a polished presentation? Yes, but it is not as expensive as the other option. You can achieve success with your product or service quality alone, but the emotional impact of a well-crafted presentation will attract and keep more customers.

Share What You Love about Other People

You’re constantly looking for new customers to help you build momentum as a brand. You can keep the momentum going by highlighting what your first customers love about your brand and your products. Although reviews and testimonials are great, don’t forget visual elements to enhance the effect. It shows that your business has a vibrant community behind it.

This helps to relieve pressure for new buyers, who might be confronted with a decision based only on a small amount of information. Customers are more likely to make informed decisions when brands clearly communicate their value proposition.

Engage with customers online, no matter if they are asking questions about your products on Amazon or Facebook. Include people who like what you do in any comment they leave online. Although it takes only a minute to ask customers if they would allow you to share their name and company affiliation on social media, it makes them feel part of the brand. Womply reports that businesses who respond to one customer review average 4% higher revenue.

Your social media profiles, especially Instagram, should be added to your website. People often look at company websites before making a purchase. However, they also want to see the background of the people or businesses behind them. Your company’s social media profiles can give you a glimpse of its culture and help you build relationships with potential customers.

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We love to see other customers use a brand’s products. Many tools allow you to integrate images from social media onto your website. There are many other creative ways you can visually convey these examples.

This is the essence of “Social Proof”. When people see others enjoying your product they should also get on board.

How to Tell Your Brand Story

Marketing is more than grabbing prospects’ attention. Marketing is about more than just getting prospects’ attention. It’s also about making them feel comfortable with you by getting to know you better. A company blog is a great way to tell people what makes your product unique, and other content that helps educate or entertain those who might be interested in buying from you.

Your blog is a way to grow your business and be the resource that your customers turn to for information. Blogs are 67% more likely to generate leads per month than companies that don’t blog. A blog is a great idea. Start one if you don’t already have one to share your company culture and products with the world.

Blogging builds trust with customers as it shows that you are knowledgeable and can add value to their lives.

You might also consider creating a video “About Us” page. This page allows you to build a closer relationship with customers. It also gives them the chance to meet you and any other people they may be purchasing from. This makes it easier to connect with new viewers and build trust in your brand.

Your personal brand is your extension in the age of social media. In fact, Instagram is used by over one billion people every month. Consider how effective your business would be if you were on at least one social media platform.

The Final Word

These concepts will help you differentiate your brand in a competitive market. These concepts should be applied to your brand and product line. This is an area that needs to be emphasized. EYStudios can help you identify a strategy that will make your ecommerce business more profitable over the long-term.


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