Five digital marketing strategies B2B can learn a lot from B2C

First, educate and then entertain. This is the code of conduct that all B2B marketers should adhere to. It is important to balance ROI and messaging, but creativity should not be sacrificed. Good B2B marketing can educate and inspire your audience. Here are five top B2B digital marketing strategies that will inspire your company.

1. Unity: Marketing in the Metaverse

According John Riccitiello CEO of Unity Software, 70% of all mobile games worldwide are created using Unity Software’s 3D- and AR technology.

These virtual arenas don’t just belong to gamers – they are available to everyone.

There’s a lot of talk about the Metaverse, not to mention the 50% rise in mobile gamers in the UK by 2021 (8.6m new players), so there’s a chance for businesses to also occupy these spaces through their B2B digital marketing strategies.

Although the Metaverse is still in development, we are already seeing a glimpse of how it might look for marketers at large consumer brands like Ikea.

Learn from B2B

B2B companies can learn from B2C brands’ strategies during the pandemic. The Metaverse will not only be a place for brands to sell their products, but it will also be a place to network with other people and hold conferences. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a great opportunity for marketers, or a distraction from real-world problems. The Metaverse is coming soon.

There are B2C strategies you can implement into your B2B digital marketing strategy now without waiting.

2. ServiceNow: Get emotional using B2C techniques

ServiceNow has developed a cloud computing platform that allows companies to manage digital workflows in order to support enterprise operations.

Sounds pretty dense, right?

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that its marketing must be.

B2C marketing can be emotional but B2B marketing must appeal to the rational mind. This is the classic myth.

This theory was put to rest with ServiceNow’s The Smarter Way To Workflow series of ads. This lighthearted video elevates the concept of casual bottom and smart top when working remotely. It was released at the peak of lockdown in August 2020, so it reached audiences just at the right moment to resonate.

Alan Marks, chief market and communications officer of ServiceNow, spoke about the organization’s thinking behind the campaign at the Association of National Advertisers 2020 Masters of B2B conference.

He stated that CEOs must deliver exceptional experiences to employees and customers when pursuing digital transformation.

They must keep both sides happy.

“That’s not an unbiased, technical discussion. It’s an emotional discussion. “And experience, ultimately is an emotion thing,” stated Marks (as reported by Warc).

Learn from B2B

No matter whether your campaign is B2C, B2B or cross-channel, it’s important to make sure that your customers are emotionally invested in your campaigns. Your B2B strategy should be able to generate an emotional response from your customers. Purchasing is an emotionally charged decision. It makes sense, right?

3. Dropbox: Learn how to use microsites

Dropbox is an expert in B2B marketing.

Dropbox Business’ ‘Marketing Dynamix’ campaign was created to reach marketers in 2017. This is a new audience for the company. The innovative microsite asked users to answer the question “What kinda marketer are YOU?” It was a personality test that subtly educated marketers about their strengths and weaknesses through a 20-page e-book called “self-portrait”.

The results were both educational and entertaining. According to B2B Marketing the campaign was successful:

  • 9,445,499 impressions, 68,328 clicks.
  • 220% of the target lead generation with a PS8.8m pipeline.
  • A return on investment of 25:1.
Learn from B2B

Whitepapers and guides are not new to B2B marketers. They’re our bread-and-butter. They’re still a great way to educate and demonstrate expertise. Dropbox can teach us one thing. We can find new ways to personalize the experience. The prize at the end is not the only thing that matters. Consider how they got there.

4. Slack: Blur lines between reality and fiction

Remember back when mockumentaries such as Parks and Recreations and The Office were the rage?

Well, so did Slack.

The workspace communication company realized the medium’s lasting appeal and decided to blur the lines between reality and fiction with its advertisement: ” So yeah, we tried Slack…“.

Sandwich Video is an agency that was asked by Slack for its new communication tool. It’s funny and well-produced, with lots of information about Slack’s features.

However, that is not what makes it so great.

Sandwich Video is actually one Slack’s customers. It’s a very honest and innovative example of a testimonial from a client.

It was so good, Sandwich even returned last year with a follow-up. Sandwich presented this example of Slack’s utility, and it was at WFH.

Learn from B2B

Social proof is a powerful form of marketing. Comprehensive case studies are essential for long-term sales when you think about B2B marketing strategies. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creative with them. How do you get the right client to join your team? You might be able collaborate to create something honest and unique.

Creative partnerships are just one side of the equation. Insight is key to great B2B marketing. DocuSign’s client sizes are so large and varied that it is more important than ever.

5. DocuSign: Create a personal experience with your partner by signing up for DocuSign

It’s difficult to imagine a world that would exist without DocuSign. Businesses of all sizes and shapes have found the electronic signature tool invaluable.

Herein lies the problem.

DocuSign’s 1,000,000 clients range from executives at 15 Fortune 500 companies to sole traders. There is no one-size-fits all approach to marketing that resonates. DocuSign had to adopt a unique approach on an unprecedented scale.

It partnered with Oracle to do this. DocuSign’s team could quickly identify its users, understand their use of the platform and then decide how to market to them using the Oracle Eloqua marketing platform.

DocuSign’s marketing team can direct them to a webinar or white paper that is tailored to their sector, role and company size, regardless of whether they are a procurement director at a large bank or a partner in small law firms.

Learn from B2B

As we have mentioned, more than 8,000 MarTech products are available . Where do you begin? If you are a large organisation such as DocuSign, with many customer profiles, it is essential to have a partner who can help you segment, understand and create targeted messaging. It’s spam in such a saturated market.