Facebook Business Suite: The Hottest Tool to Assist Small Businesses

After teasing the idea for a calendar year, Facebook Business Suite has finally launched. This new service helps small and midsize businesses manage their electronic footprint from 1 location.

Let us review how Facebook is simplifying advertising with Facebook Business Suite.

What does it do?

Until today, Facebook advertisements and other services were handled individually. Users needed to jump from website to website to track performance, which can be time consuming and difficult for small business owners.

Facebook Business Suite now comes in a mobile app and desktop interface which combines Facebook and Instagram publishing, messaging, and analytics in 1 dashboard. This update aims to make it easier to manage content across both platforms.

Users can now:

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  • Oversee Facebook and Instagram posts in the same interface
  • Schedule content and advertisements to both platforms
  • Access all notifications and messages from both Facebook and Instagram in one inbox
  • Tap into Facebook and Instagram analytics in 1 location

Who will use Facebook Business Suite?

The initial rollout of the new feature is exclusively for small companies, but the company states that it intends to make the toolkit available to all businesses next year.

We aren’t certain how long this feature has been in development, but Facebook shared that small companies have been testing out Business Suite. For many tiny shops, this program couldn’t have come at a better time. By way of instance, Facebook shared an example of a company who turned to the social networking platform to host virtual wine occasions.

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From the looks of things, these tiny businesses enjoyed the new attribute. We can envision that Facebook will use this first installment to check and enhance the toolkit so that FTSE100 companies and other large firms can finally adopt it with no headache.

How can small businesses gain from Business Suite?

A current Yelp report found that 60 percent of American small business closures are likely to become permanent, but Facebook considers they discovered a way to decrease risk because of the pandemic. The business’s most current Global State of Small Business Report discovered that small companies that make 25 percent of their sales online are more likely to have greater sales now than this time last year.

With Facebook Business Suite, small retailers and other companies can more efficiently tap into the ecommerce marketplace.

How else can small companies withstand the consequences of Covid-19?

With hospitality and retail sales still fighting, companies need a competitive advantage. Shoppers want a quick, easy experience, and investing in the right technology can help deliver this level of service.

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  • Tracking client information: Identify trending goods and create personalized offers based on customer spending habits
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