EPOS System Features and Benefits

If your Singapore-based company is stuck in the stone age, now’s the time for modernization. This is because of the Productive Solutions Grant (PSG) which covers approximately 70% of a provider’s long-term technology investments.

To apply, you will call for a quote from a pre-approved equipment vendor. So, first things, first. You’ve to decide what to get.

The solution is straightforward. You want to have an EPOS system.

Stick around and we’ll explain why this state of the art technology is your ticket to progress.

EPOS System: What It Is and Why You Need One

POS stands for Point of Sale. In a physical storefront, the point of sale is the cash register or until where you trade money for goods and services.

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An EPOS is an Electronic Point of Sale.

By definition, the sole difference between the two is that one uses electricity. Additionally, it is a very broad term. EPOSs differ from simple tills that do little more than calculate amounts to cloud-based devices that can do virtually anything.

It’s possible to tailor the latter of these to meet the requirements of any small business. Some tasks you can perform with an EPOS include:

  1. Construct a customer character
  2. Share files and data with accounting software like Xero
  3. Handle inventory from anywhere
  4. Gather information and create comprehensive reports
  5. Safe and save important information and documents
  6. Employee accountability
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The choices are almost endless and the possibilities appear to expand daily.

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Get to Know Your Clientelle

Businesses that know their customer base know when and how to advertise. They are ready to maximize their advertising budget to get and retain customers.

A cloud-based EPOS that integrates with customer management apps which makes it possible to do that. As your customers check out, they can enter contact information.

The best apps, tie that information to purchases. You then can create comprehensive reports for current information regarding your own clientele. Use this information to build true customer personas to your own organization.

Expansive App Integration

Integration capacity of EISOL EPOS ecosystems

Cloud-based EPOS systems have the ability to sync with a large range of apps in real time. They can also import and export data to various platforms in a choice of formats. This eliminates the requirement for data-entry by hand and reduces the possibility of human error.

Additionally, with the range of apps available, you can customize EPOS platforms to your own organization.

Examples of apps that an EPOS Might Be Able to associate with include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms

CRM apps like Salesforce make it possible for you to take care of customer data in intuitive ways. It’s possible to construct databases, develop advertising campaigns and much more. Some apps also allow you to make knowledge articles for employee and customer education.

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Accounting Solutions

Applications like Xero and Quickbooks make accounting for your organization more fluid. Categorize expenses, record earnings, cover taxes all from one location.

eCommerce Solution

Shopify, Big Commerce, together with other similar eCommerce provide you with the capability to expand the sales channel outside retail outlet to the world.

Retail Assistance Apps

Snapify, Reeward, and other similar apps give you the capacity to deal with the pricing, sales and permit your customers interact with you everywhere and everywhere.

Maintain Complete Control Over Stock

Among the best things about cloud-based innovations is the ability to sync data across multiple devices. This is particularly beneficial in regards to stock.

Smartphones can grab UPC or QR codes to test new things or see precisely how much of a product you have got in stock. You might even change inventory on the spot without having to leave the sales floor. The best part is, the minute you make the modifications on a single device, the data gets backed up into the cloud and updated on other apparatus.

Inventory has never been so straightforward.

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Get a 360-View of Your Organization

Advanced EPOS systems collect information from sales, inventory, customer involvement statistics and much more. The many apps used by EPOS cross-references information to make comprehensive reports.

You can use these reports to better understand your business. This makes it possible for you to make informed decisions about how to boost your organization.

Secure Important Data

Most EPOS platforms let you scan and import important documents and data. When the data is in the system, you won’t need to worry about losing it.

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If you’re concerned about being on the cloud for security reasons, know that storing data on the cloud is much more protected than other more typical ways. If you’re still concerned, here are some suggestions you can use to further lock down your information .

Track Employee Actions

Sophisticated EPOS software records the actions of every user. Furthermore, it provides timestamps for when the activity happened. This makes it easy to hold employees accountable for what they do.

By means of instance, if you’ve got a question about an entry, you can see who did it and proceed request that associate.

Many platforms are also able to act as a time clock or hold other applicable employee details.

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