Destination Pop-Ups Boost Sales With Local Flavor

Branded activations are projected to fuel a $740 million market by 2020, according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Inside an experience economy, pop-ups can draw a crowd based on excitement and engagement. However, the most memorable experiences aren’t only about giving a branded experience. A brand new wave of”destination”- concentrated pop-ups is taking a hyper-personalized approach for their audience. CLICK TO TWEET

By not only strengthening the brand’s values but also reflecting the community’s, retailers are creating deeper audience connections and converting numerous regional brand lovers. How can retailers leverage their creativity and increase their soda up to deliver a particular experience? Here’s what we’ve observed.

Speak directly to your customer

Destination pop-ups give an immediate, tactile experience that can’t be felt through digital channels. But too often, these pop-ups are driven solely by the desire to generate a flurry of social media–that is where implementation can get dropped. These brick-and-mortar creative showcases shouldn’t only be Insta-worthy: they offer an unparalleled opportunity for retailers to interact and connect firsthand with their audiences.

Whenever you know where your destination soda is opening up, it’s important to get in the mindset which your store is trying to capture. A crowd of shoppers in Los Angeles may relate to different things from an audience in Boston. Urbanites may have reference points different than clients in rural or suburban areas. Being in tune with your audience vastly enables your ability to’speak’ their language.

Build relevancy and customer rapport

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Even if a client has not heard of your brand, you’ll discover strategies for leaving an impression. Consider strategies to add local flavor to induce individuals to the store and make it a can’t -miss experience. Could creating an environment in an unexpected place or place attract a targeted and accessible audience? Create an environment that mirrors your neighborhood customer’s interests, lifestyle and culture to make the biggest splash–if you use decor or displays modeled after regional structures, or integrate community-based events, or sell customized merchandise.

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This form of retail imagination can be accommodated almost everywhere–for example, if your pop-up is in an outdoor-centric state like Colorado, consider ways to integrate nature and recreation on your infrastructure. Or maybe you’re opening up shop in Miami, and there’s a opportunity to connect with local artists to get large scale murals covering your walls. Pop-up localization is a valuable system to positively influence your image, cultivate customer confidence, and keep the public eye for all the right reasons.

And though the common conception is that effective pop-ups need to be stand alone, retailers can leverage”pop-in” segments of an existing store and make just as much of a newsworthy splash. Just consider how Lowe’s and The Home Depot transition and use their outdoor spaces to seasonal’hot-spots’ showcasing product, inspiration and solutions. .

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Create retail pop-up magic

The formula to get a pop-up that resonates is simple: start with your brand vision and weave in pieces motivated by your target customer.

Take Glossier Boston, the New England iteration of the wildly popular beauty producer’s physical store. The pop-up was designed in the brand’s signature pink, but New England-inspired beams were woven throughout. The building that housed the multi-room pop-up was polished–unlike Glossier’s industrial new york showroom. Limited-edition product added exclusiveness for Boston-based clients and motivated visits to purchase items sold only there.

Vitamins brand Ritual opened its first-ever pop-up store showroom on Los Angeles’ Melrose Place this summer. Apart from branded signature, feel, and sampling elements, the trending women’s vitamin brand leaned into the regional health landscape with event programming regarding fertility, holistic stress-reducing processes, mindful sex, and even more, calling upon popular Los Angeles-based pros to lead the sessions and engage visitors more deeply.

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Large-scale brands like Apple and Nike are also activating in new ways that delight customers –and leverage augmented reality (AR) technology. This summer, Apple teamed up with alternative art destination that the New Museum in New York to find a guided art walk leveraging AR in New York’s Central Park. Clients pointed their app-equipped smartphone specifically landmarks on the park’s horizon to unlock mythical AR projections of sculptures and installations. And recently, Nike headed New York neighborhood foodies on a scavenger hunt to celebrity chef David Chang’s fusion restaurant, Fuku. To purchase a distinctive pair of denim high tops, sneakerheads necessary to prevent by Fuku and activate the buy by pointing their Nike SNKRS app in the restaurant menu. These retailers leveraged technologies through AR-enhanced signage to expand the experience beyond the confines of four walls.

Whether localized touches are the focus of a pop-up or just an extra perk, they help customers connect with the experiences in a significant way.

Build a pop-up to remember

As you draw inspiration from the local taste for your next activation, ask these questions:

  • What custom elements can you add to resonate with the neighborhood consumer? Think colors, texture, iconography (even food!)
  • How can you mirror your environment? How can your brand relate to its surroundings?
  • Does your signage, display, design, and decor intelligently reflect your region?
  • What type of advertising stations can you adapt to this place to generate the maximum impact?

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