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Golf courses are one of the expensive business activities, always requiring a quick and delicate operation to meet the needs of customers here. A golf course POS system (point of sale) should be flexible and robust enough to handle the wide range of services a golf course offers such as tee time, memberships, restaurant sales, retail, or even merchants. In this article, we would like to introduce the top best golf course POS systems with all the necessary functions, along with built-in or feature golf-specific functions.


Top 5 Best Golf Course POS Systems 


ConnectPOS is the right cloud point of sale system for golf courses. This platform provides the full range of features to complete the golf course business. First of all, it offers multi-place management, inventory management, and employee management.A golf course with this management will ensure optimal operation of existing resources, helping to adapt and respond to customer needs more quickly. In addition, this golf course POS system also provides useful features for users such as schedule management so that customers can freely book courses according to their time and convenience, synchronize online orders and customer programs. These features will help organizations retain customers longer because their experience is enhanced.Besides, payment is also one of the reasons why customers want to stick around longer and ConnectPOS supports a variety of payment methods. Customers can pay by cash, credit or debit card, third-party payment gateways or e-wallets. This makes transactions fast and easy and traders can control their income better and more securely. Together with the extensive integrations of this solution, business users will be able to expand their business and attract more customers. Notably, this solution offers a 14-day trial version to help businesses make their decision to use. The simple interface and easy setup will be the first impression you can get of ConnectPOS.
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Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is a POS system specially designed for golf courses. Lightspeed Golf combines the functionality of a Lightspeed Restaurant and a Lightspeed Retailer with golf course-specific features. The outstanding features of this POS system are integrations with many golf systems and associated services: member management with house accounts, online booking with prepayment, self-check-in, electronic scorecards, and online marketing features. These features are all easy to use and also include a number of software integrations that extend the golf system even further. This golf course POS requires no contracts and startup costs and comes with many payment processing options, which is great for traders looking to get started.One attractive feature that this application will provide to users is the report of every course in the catalog. It will look at the customer or business activities from all angles and provide detailed analysis and reporting so that issues can be resolved in a timely manner and reduce risk. Besides, this tool will help check data, verify inventory levels on different facilities with multi-location POS functions. The checkout process has no hidden fees and the synchronization of data across channels puts customers at ease. Notably, Lightspeed provides the right marketing tool for the golf business, helping to attract more players. This system will help send marketing emails to target customers or post transactions online. This will help to significantly improve revenue.

Square POS

Square is a good free POS system that can adapt to any type of business. It is not specific to golf but can provide the right features for the management of this activity. This golf course POS solution also has some great software integrations with typical features like online booking, online checkout, membership pricing, events, and golf lesson bookings. The basic Square POS app is free to use, but if you have higher needs for your golf course, you have to pay extra for add-ons like Square Marketing ($15+/month) or integrations with other platforms like Birrdi or Easy Tee.
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To complete a business and attract customers, businesses need to create conditions for them to meet their needs, so the integration between online booking and online payment combined with activities at the golf course management makes the customer experience more diverse and the business will also get more profit. Square is also famous not only for its software but also for its hardware. It provides facilities to help revolutionize your counter at multiple courses.In particular, this solution sets you apart from the competition by providing business-specific setup customization. You can design and use them according to your own requirements and personalize it. With the integration of multiple business tools, features like employee management, reporting, finance and your website all work exactly the way you want them to.

Clover POS

Clover POS is the right POS system for this type of business with a super easy setup. It offers everything to cater to your golf course needs. Some of the Clover’s features that can be useful for a golf course are advanced inventory management, multiple order and ticket merge, employee management, and a built-in loyalty program. In addition, with Clover POS, golf customers will also be emailed invoices, easily order online and receive integrated discounts.This POS system has multiple pricing plans available. In particular, businesses can sign up for Clover’s rental program with prices ranging from $50-$290/month.

Revel POS Systems

Revel Systems is one of the most advanced iPad POS systems. It has an open and customizable API (application programming interface) architecture to suit any type of business or niche software integration needs. With golf courses, it also offers tailored features to help expand the business. This golf course POS comes with features like multi-site management, an intuitive interface, and advanced reporting. Besides, it also supports online booking, personalized customer support, human resource management, and even CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features. Your golf course can start using Revel at $198/month.
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Choosing a suitable golf course POS system will make your organization’s business easier and help increase revenue significantly. If you are in need of a support system to manage your business, feel free to contact us.Source: Cloud POS
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