Beautiful Online Stores Created With Wix

Beautiful Online Stores Created With Wix

Online shopping is changing the way that people shop. Online shopping has many benefits: It saves time and effort, you can compare brands and vendors easily, and in many cases you will also save money. What started out as a practical innovation has now become a large market with fierce competition.

Online shopping is no longer attractive because it offers a more convenient alternative to the mall. Online stores must be attractive to clients with a unique design and an exceptional shopping experience.

We have made many improvements to our eCommerce platform over the last few months. Wix users have greater options than ever before to create an online store that sells.

You can see it all with your own eyes. Take a look at these incredible eCommerce websites that were created by Wix users. Take inspiration from these amazing online stores, then visit our eCommerce templates for your store!


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Ten Quick Tips to Increase Online Sale

Everything is set up for business. It’s now time to take action. We have some marketing tips to help you increase sales and build a loyal customer base.

1. Use a call-to-action button. To encourage shoppers to buy the deal, there must be an urgency.

2. You can add images and videos to product demos. Customers will be able to see your product as a part of their everyday lives.

3. Add customer reviews as well as ratings for your products. This will help establish credibility for your site and create a sense of community.

4. The payment process is made super easy. If the final click to buy does not go through, it can be very deterring. You will need to choose a product again and complete all billing information.

5. Customer service and loyalty should be a top priority. Be accessible to answer any questions or return requests. Always back your products and offer satisfaction to customers.

6. Highlight products with discounts or by highlighting your shop’s “best sellers” and most popular items.

7. Your store’s added value must be clearly defined. Your products should be clear to shoppers. What makes your business unique? This question should be answered by you and your customers.

8. Make discount coupons, distribute them via social media, printed marketing materials (flyers and newspaper ads), or to a mailing address of customers. To get people excited for quick action, limit the number of coupons (the “first 50” coupon holders will receive a 50% discount) and the time period (the “48-hour sale begins now!”

9. Upload multiple photos for each product. If you are selling clothing, you can upload a picture of the item on a white background and a photo of a model wearing the product.

10. Create a mailing list to keep your customers informed about the latest merch, deals and any other news that could encourage them to return to your online shop.


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