All-in-One Package: Is Your POS Up to PAR?

It should not come as a surprise to anybody that there’s a whole lot of competition in the restaurant industry. According to the National Restaurant Association, the sector was expected to create more than $825 billion in earnings in 2018. While that seems like lots of cash to go around, there are over 1 million restaurants in america alone, and those places employ over 15 million individuals.

The rivalry between restaurants becomes even more intense once you take into the account changing consumer tastes, razor-thin margins on many menu items and the delicate balancing act connected with staff scheduling.

On occasion, it can seem like an impossible task to control everything all at once, restaurant technology has adapted to new conditions as they have come up. It is more important today than ever to get a system which could perform daily tasks efficiently and economically, but capable of supporting integrations as needs arise.




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Living in the Cloud

Clients are increasingly looking for new and exciting ways to enhance their dining experiences, whether it’s through unique menu items, greater convenience or even new places. How restaurants adapt to these changes may be the difference between raising revenue or earning money on the table.

The point of locating an all-in-one solution would be to streamline what your restaurant is performing and stop yourself from having to make several calls into a couple of vendors when an issue arises. A POS that boasts an entire suite of cloud software applications need to have the ability to take care of standard restaurant functions effortlessly but is also capable of doing more complicated tasks like creating a loyalty program or encouraging online ordering. In circumstances where a more specific integration is required or when you prefer using a third party for one or more aspects of your organization, the system has to be capable of working cooperatively with other applications provided by these vendors.

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PAR’s Brink POS applications, as an instance, provides many native integrations, including loyalty and online ordering, but these aren’t the principal purposes of the software itself. In circumstances where a restaurant would prefer another option or something somewhat more robust, Brink can integrate with other partners based on what choices you would like. Up to now, Brink has over 110 integration partners, extending from inventory management and human resources, to staffing, delivery and video surveillance.

As you can see, the POS system is a restaurant’s heart. Every day, it collects data on each client who walks through the doorway. While this data is essential to creating your revenue totals daily, other information, including when those clients come in, how they are ordering, what they are ordering and loyalty program information can be paramount in assisting you to make future decisions.

This is particularly visible when looking at the food delivery market. Restaurant Business Magazine recently released data breaking down how customers order their meals. Nearly 20 percent of all food orders are for shipping, and of that amount, close to 80 percent are being put through the restaurant. Having the ideal POS system in place can help you benefit from the information and use it to your advantage.

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All-For-One, One-For-All

Although applications may be the most significant part an all-in-one solution, regardless of what POS system you opt to choose, you are going to need a terminal to run it on. And just like the applications you decide to conduct your business, the hardware that you put on the counter and on your kitchen can make a big difference. Some applications can not run on certain terminals, either because the terminals are not strong enough to operate the POS system or because the software simply does not operate on that specific operating system.

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The trick to a fantastic all-in-one solution is finding applications that not only has a favorite group of products which it works really well together, but plays well with an assortment of terminals managed by other hardware suppliers. While obtaining your terminal, peripherals and applications from the same vendor could be the best choice, sometimes the cost becomes a deciding factor. If that’s true, having software that’s hardware or device agnostic makes all of the difference.

Help If You Need It

So you have purchased your software and have it up and running on your hardware… now what? For many people, that is where the method ends, but it should not be. Most hardware terminals are provided a usable lifespan of 5-7 decades, even though there are a variety of factors which may impact that number. Regardless of what, if something goes wrong somebody will need to repair it.

One of the joys of investing in an all-in-one approach is having to only make 1 call when something goes awry. Based upon the provider (or providers) you moved with for your equipment and software, you might be making several calls until you get to the root of the problem, and then the vendors will need to speak to each other to work out the solution. With an all-in-one package, the vendor knows every piece and part together with each line of code. That means reduced downtime for you and more money in your pockets.

However, an all-in-one package provides more than only 1 point of contact for if your terminal acts up. Using Brink for instance, our clients typically have access to numerous different services supplies, including dedicated client success agents and remote care. If you need help, there is always someone you can turn to who knows the intricacies of your problem and can quickly find an answer.

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Grows With Your Business

Finally, the most effective all-in-one restaurant POS systems have the ability to grow with you from 1 store to 1,000. Having a system which you can fully customize to your own unique business and change at a moment’s notice is remarkably powerful. Additionally, it suggests that as fads come and go, and your company follows the next customer support tendency, your POS will be right there by your side to adapt and change with you.

Whether that is diving head first into new shipping and ordering options, using big data to monitor your ideal clients’ purchasing history or merely adding seasonal menu items every once in a while, using a system which makes it effortless to perform every one of those changes makes great business sense.

Choosing a POS system isn’t a decision which may be taken lightly. Typically, it is a decision you’ll be stuck with for many years and will probably cost you tens of thousands of dollars to implement. Despite the fact that it may seem like a fantastic idea to cut corners and select the best price in each class, the peace of mind and encourage you will get from having one vendor in your service can allow you to concentrate on putting food out and always striving to delight your clients.

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