8 Reasons That Justify The Need Of QuickBooks POS Cloud Hosting On Your Retail Business

Intuit, the most renowned developer of accounting and tax applications, has gained tremendous appreciation and success in the retail world by releasing QuickBooks Point of Sale software. The QuickBooks standard billing software, also called Cloud magento POS, is allowing companies to have both, employee performance and customer satisfaction, at precisely the exact same time. The QuickBooks POS cloud Hosting ensures optimal security, unparalleled reliability and brand credibility with each transaction made.

The business said Desktop Point of Sale as a brand recognizer, which helps retailers to maintain many departments organized. From monitoring sales and handling stock to creating reports, the program is an expert in everything which may enable a small company to expand its horizons. Retailers and restaurateurs no more should re-enter each and every detail in their accounting software as hosting orders, employee records, payroll data and stock with one click. So, let’s talk about all of the benefits of QuickBooks POS hosting on the cloud to know it is worth.

Ease of Access

QuickBooks POS Hosting software makes payments simple for your clients as it enables them to cover credit cards, debit cards, money, and more. The hosted applications is an efficient platform which supports transaction portability whatever source or medium retailers are using. Retailers and shopkeepers can change to smart payment processing, access their files with no location restrictions, and present productivity even if they are away.

Streamlined POS Processing For Many Stores

The hosted QuickBooks POS software works on centralized database approach which makes it possible for retailers to process orders irrespective of their location. Acquiring cloud-based POS gives you the capacity to boost client satisfaction and broadens your organization reach.

Enhanced Security

You understand your organization billing is precise and secure once you’re changed to QuickBooks POS cloud. The access to high-level security standards including 256-bit encryption, timely network monitoring, finely-clustered infrastructure and two-factor authentication keeps your information protected from malicious applications and any sort of natural disasters like flood or fire.

Powerful Collaboration Opportunities With Third Parties

Together with quick payment processing integration, QuickBooks POS Hosting also provides a trusted platform to collaborate with external parties including workers, bookkeepers and accountants. The majority of the retailers find it tough to operate in sync with outsourced parties since they’re not so advanced to connect remotely. But with the assistance of cloud-based QuickBooks POS application, even collaboration appears efficient and effortless.


Less IT Burden

Hosting your QuickBooks POS desktop software to the cloud decrease the strain of in-house server infrastructure upkeep and undesirable hardware investments. The hosting provider is well versed enough to manage your technology operations and supply loads of time to look after your business growth.

Cost-efficient Solution

From stock to charging, Hosted QuickBooks POS is a recognized way to unleash more . The hosting benefits you in many ways and significantly aids in cost reduction. Migrating your POS information to cloud automatically updates QuickBooks reports too, which save a whole lot of your time and efforts. Cloud vendor is authorized to take good care of latest and intricate solutions in need, so you don’t need to be worried about upfront investments.

Round-the-clock Technical Support

The cloud hosting provider makes sure that your QuickBooks POS is up and running 24*7 with no disruptions. Whether it be a technical problem or lack of comprehension, specialists from the support team are there to aid you with sustainable solutions. The best portion of switching to hosted POS is that you don’t have to entertain any additional charges for support.

Timely Data Backups

Migrating your information to the cloud only means that you have asked for automatic data backups to ensure complete data protection. You don’t need to believe about hard disk failure, server crash or worker carelessness as your information will be kept on the cloud.


There is no denying in saying that using Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale – you aren’t just embracing the benefits of QuickBooks as a brand, but in addition, setting a benchmark for terms such as stock management, easy payments and customer satisfaction. Start searching for a reliable hosting provider if you are prepared to learn more about the advantages of automatic and advanced QuickBooks POS. You will never regret the change!!

Trending Electronics Retail Software for two Sectors in 2019

The forthcoming year will see a migration from traditional POS hardware to cloud-based applications. A cloud POS system is one which simplifies the infrastructure of the world wide web to access data stored in remote servers. To put it simply, all information that a retail store saves in the billing system is backed-up in a cloud which can be retrieved from anywhere. The sync happens automatically making it easier to update data and to protect it. The Benefits of a cloud solution would be enormous:

  • Better security
  • Centralised storage
  • Powerful memory utilisation
  • Quicker processing
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While there isn’t any industry that may not benefit from using cloud-hosted applications, the focus here will be on bakeries and salons. We begin with clarifying the attributes every café or bakery can deploy to improve operations.

Bakery POS – An Application Every Café Owner Needs

A billing system which speeds up transactions and keeps a central record of all sales is primary to all retail stores. When it comes to professional bakeries, management applications should also have the capability of keeping track of each specific ingredient which blend to make buttery-soft cakes and pastries. The essential components of a cloud confectionary shop POS are:

Custom order management Apart from a complete catalog of cakes, pastries, and pies, bakeries thrive on creating bespoke orders. Tailor-made cakes may have varying layouts, messages, topping, and components. It means a bakery owner must write down each customised order to prevent errors. A bakery pos program takes away the job of manually penning every custom order. The system can record every request and handle it. Some aspects which could be handled with the application are:

Create an arrangement with detailed information on components, design, and message. This reduces error risk.

Track partial or half payments

Faster Earnings – A server-hosted management software ensures that transactions can be mobile. Customers aren’t confined to a single cash register to pay for their orders. Portable devices like tablets and smartphone may be used on the Bakery POS floor during high traffic periods to speed-up the procedure.

Let’s say a client would like to have one éclair that’s exhibited at one corner of the confectionary store. The charging terminal is in the flip side and has an extensive line. Cloud-Based billing software may be used on a tablet computer to process the payment directly where the client is. One can even use the chance to urge more baked goods to the patron which are showcased nearby.
Vital is the only word to describe the requirement of retail management program in bakeries. Bakeshops need hard information on which products sell the most on what days and sometimes since most items are very perishable. 1 cake or pastry that needs to be thrown daily can accumulate to lots of financial loss over the year. A cloud-hosted POS can be applied to test, even at 3 in the night, to learn which product needs to be pushed to clients the next day to spare this reduction.

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Salon Software to Maintain A Parlour Organised

  • Now that the beneficial elements of a bakery management system are apparent, the next portion of the report discusses another high-footfall industry – salons. Beauty parlours can transform their day to day operations into more efficient counterparts using salon POS program. Some places that the system can assist in are:
  • Times that need more worker existence
  • Times when a lesser amount of hands can manage customers
  • Free slots which could be filled in by walk-ins

Some features of salon charging systems that produce a positive effect on your company are:

Alerts to Clients : Salon systems allow for integration to devices which can either send an email or SMS to your patrons reminding them of appointments. This attribute ensures that the amount of no-shows is diminished and thus the company suffers minor loss. What’s more, when customers get an alert to the specific time they have to be current, there is less time wasted as people become more punctual.

Better communication & relationship – Scheduling of appointment is the maximum benefit of Salon POS Software. The system can be appropriated to pen in as many customers as you need without a single mistake. It has the capacity to monitor hundreds of patrons. It ensures that incidences like missed appointments or overlapping appointments don’t happen. The improved communication between customer and staff presents a much more professional image plus makes the spa exceedingly productive

The Take-Away

There are two learnings which could be taken away. The first is that bakeries have to lure customers with new products to keep up with the competition. Hence, installing a bakery management tool is indispensable. It may be used for data collecting and analysing waste management. The second is that spas need a user-friendly technology which has zero room for error. Salon POS systems, therefore, become essential to enjoying a long-term association with customers.

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