8 Approaches to ROCK Small Business Saturday on 30th Nov

If there is one day of the year that gets the complete Bindo household amped up, it is…Small Business Saturday!

This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 30th, and we could not be more excited.Why?

Because it is the one day of the year that’s devoted to”shopping little,” as in observing and encouraging small companies around the nation.


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Last year on Small Business Saturday, U.S. consumers spent $5.5 billion at independent merchants throughout the country. There is no chump change. So, as a local shop owner who enjoys your community, how do you get in on the action and join with new and loyal customers?

Here are eight simple tricks that you can use to ROCK Small Business Saturday:

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1. ) Utilize free Twitter ads to cultivate your community of loyal customers

With 53 million monthly active users in the U.S. — and 213,000 tweets delivered in support of Small Business Saturday last year (go #ShopSmall!) — using Twitter to market your company and engage with current and prospective new clients in this event is a no brainer.

Twitter is offering businesses $100 in free Twitter advertising credits — so go and use them!

By registering here, you will also get Twitter’s tool kit which includes ways to get your company ready for the big day, launching promotions to help increase sales, and compose tweets that excite followers, drive word-of-mouth, and increase your community of loyal clients. Boom.

2. ) Bring nearby clients with free Foursquare advertisements

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If you have not already, claim your business on Foursquare. More than 40 million people use the free app to find places to go and things to eat or do. Be one of these places.

Get more customers walking through your door by making a Foursquare advertisement using $50 in free Foursquare ad credits. You can do it in under two minutes. Foursquare will target your advertisement to people that are close to your shop and will only charge you for activities (not impressions) in your advertisement.

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3. Turbocharge your efforts on Facebook

Facebook consumed  these 5 quick tips to boost your Facebook efforts on Small Business Saturday. Why don’t you try them?  Measure the results so that you can identify which ones work best for you, so you can enhance your efforts in the long run.

4. ) Spotlight and participate with your clients on social media

Sure, advertisements on social media functions to some extent. But do not forget to spotlight your clients and participate with them. Share pictures, Instagram videos, or Vines of your clients and staff having fun on your shop. If your clients and staff are cool with it, label them at the photographs or videos and they, together with their followers and friends, will be more prone to participate with and discuss you. In addition, don’t forget to include #ShopSmall on your social networking posts to join the Small Business Saturday conversations.

5. ) Promote your company with a personalized marketing campaign

Use the slew of resources offered by American Express to promote your company with a personalized marketing campaign. On this page, it is possible to download Shop Small logos, print signage (such as this one (click here) that lets customers know they can get $10 back when they spend $10 or more using their AmEx card), arrange Shop Small shopping bags, a welcome mat, and much more.

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when you get your marketing materials, disperse those bad boys about town. Get some additional help if you want to. Update your site to announce that you are engaging in Small Business Saturday and send customized emails to your clients. Describe the event and encourage them to join you.

6. Invite and incentivize others to spread the word

40% of small businesses consider word-of-mouth the most effective way to find new customers, according to a survey conducted by Constant Contact Inc..  So ask your clients to invite their family and friends too, and provide a particular reward (for example, a thoughtful gift, voucher, same-day reduction, or any other exclusive supply ) to those who attract others to your store.

7. Party, but not too hard

Order beverages and meals from a different local company nearby (hey, buying small functions both ways, right?) And throw a party for shoppers. Set up signal out that grabs attention, play some chill music, and decorate your store. Shoppers will appreciate and remember you for the additional effort you put in, leading to return visits and word-of-mouth referrals. And most of us know how well word-of-mouth works.

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8. Show your appreciation

Be thankful! Show your clients and staff just how much you appreciate them. Be certain to train your employees to always be flexible and provide amazing customer support. On the flip side, be sure to reward your employees for a job well done with free food an drinks, a bump in pay, or any excess holiday days- or heck, maybe even all three!


Looking for more inspiration?

Watch these videos of how other small businesses drove results last year. (Scroll down to the section that reads “See How Some Small Business Drove Results Last Year.”)

Download these 10 tips to help you rally your neighborhood.

Combine a Neighborhood Circle to connect with other community small business owners online so that you can share ideas and encourage each other before and during the big moment.

Most of all, give people more of a reason to work with you. Offer your employees more of a reason to appreciate being on your team. Be irresistible.

And here is a message to the shoppers out there (like me).  By shopping or dining at mom and pop shops, you are reinvesting in the community you call home and assisting entrepreneurs provide more jobs, which then stimulates the economy.

As for me, I will be starting the day by fueling up in my favorite coffee shop in Woodside, NY — Lucide Café. If you happen to be in this area, check them out, and do not forget to ask for a postage card once you purchase a cup of the yummy Counter Culture Coffee. For every 10 java you purchase, you get one free. They also provide free Wi-Fi so that you may search for other great regional restaurants and stores to support on November 30th.

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