5 Tips to Secure Your Retail Business against Security Breaches

With hackers and software becoming more complex it shouldn’t come as a surprise your retail company’s POS system may require some additional security. Recently several important businesses have experienced security breaches which have contributed to their client’s credit card information being discharged. As an owner of a retail company you’ve probably heard of this and thought about beefing up your POS security in a bid to avert a similar security violation. Here are five tips on the best way best to avoid a security breach in your retail enterprise.

1.) Make sure that all your Wi-Fi and internet connections are secured.

This is a excellent first step and one that’s easy for you to do by yourself. An excellent tip to follow is not to name the Wi-Fi system name the same as your company. This allows for people that are searching for easy targets to hone in on your business without needing to do any legwork in any respect. Using a network name that’s extremely generic but distinctive keeps your system simple and inconspicuous. Consider, also, regulating the signal strength of your Wi-Fi system so that it doesn’t extend far past your field of use or construction.

2.) Employ a failed login attempt lockout system and utilize security response protocol on your network.

This will prevent folks from have countless attempts at getting into your system and hacking on your POS system. The way a failed login attempt works is that a fixed sum of efforts will be allowed and then a safety question must be answered. If those are neglected then it’s locked. You’ll find a notification that the account or system was secured and this will tip you off that someone has been trying to hack your system. You can then upgrade your systems, create a new password, and see if there are any software updates available through your system’s manufacturer. When it comes to passwords attempt use a strong password that’s totally irrelevant to you and your organization. Include various letters, numbers, and symbols in an attempt to create a secure password that’s hard to hack or guess.

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ConnectPOS POS will lock out users who try to login with the wrong password 5 times, and our password protocol is to send reset passwords just to the email address associated with the user, or the owner of the account. We invite you to set your own password reset/retrieval procedure.

3.) Figure out and protected what info on your system is the most significant .

By way of example, do you get a great deal of information on file about your clients? You might have financial information regarding your clients, employees, vendors, and customers. If this is an area that you believe is vital then by checking your cybersecurity in this region should be where you start, particularly when dealing with POS. POS or point-of-sales advice is a number of the most important information which could be taken in regards to your retail business.

This info can comprises customers’ billing information including information on their home addresses, telephone numbers, and credit. You can imagine just how debilitating a POS system security breach could be into a retail company especially a smaller independently owned and managed business. That is why it is necessary to avoid such security breaches by having the appropriate POS safety for your POS system.

4.) Tracking who has access to specific information.

If you’re running a company then it might not be necessary for all your employees to gain access to that crucial information. By way of instance if you have a small clothing shop and you’re the only one which deals with vendors then there’s absolutely not any demand for the employees to have accesses to the vendors financial details. Maybe you and your supervisor are the only ones who need access to this information. By restricting the numbers of people who have access to information that you decrease the probability of passwords being leaked and data being stolen. . From the ConnectPOS POS, you can restrict these rights in the User Groups configurations. We invite you to review your project types and the rights permitted to each to make certain that your employees have sufficient permissions to perform their jobs, and not enough to cause trouble.


5.) Never let your guard down.

Many companies become lax the longer they’re available and the longer they go without a breach. Never become complacent when it comes to your own POS security. You should regularly change your passwords if there have been login attempts or not and should scan for security breaches often. The Settings->Login activity area of ConnectPOS POS enables you to keep tabs on who’s in the system, when, and who’s attempting to get in, from where. Do not forget to back up all your important financial information both for your organization and for your customers, clients, and vendors. Encoding your information to prevent a security violation or to slow them down until you can shut them down.

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