5 Tips to Manage Sales & Inventory For Mobile Shop Owners

How are the POS applications helpful for your Mobile Shop owners and owners? How is its implementation great for such sorts of businesses? How will this aid in ease of customer retention? These are some questions that you needs to consider while implementing POS applications in a mobile phone business.

The most important benefit of using retail POS applications in a mobile phone shop is the rapid utilization of restricted spaces in the area. It assists in quick and efficient payment solutions along with better backup information on the stock and positive sales direction.

Inventory Management:

Transfer from Warehouse to Shop:

Stocks and inventory are a vital element of any business. It’s required to have a close watch on the stocks, maintaining the inventory secure has become a mandatory condition to function effectively on the market.

The POS system for a cell phone store has been an important source; the services provided by ConnectPOS are second to none, allowing the merchants if there’s a movement from the warehouse. It creates updates the moment the changes occur, all thanks to the cloud freedom applications.

It’s benefited the cellular shop owners in the simplest way possible to understand each and everything concerning the motion and replacements.

Inventory Tracking:

The inventory management system has helped the merchants keep track of the inventory during the transport procedure. Let us consider a situation, and if a merchant has multiple cellular shops in a town and the warehouse is situated in the suburbs, so it’s critical to monitor the stock, it makes certain the inventory is moving through the ideal track.

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Particularly in the festive seasons, even when it’s hard to take time to roam around and inspect the inventory, the POS for cell phone shops can assist you in better management of inventory in hand.

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Stock Movement:

Product Movement:

Item movement from one location to another should be advised, and it is a vital process that needs safety and security. ConnectPOS provides on-site tracking of merchandise using its feature of on-point analytics and reporting.

This feature aids the company owners to keep your eye on the goods being discharged. Cellular phones are a must utilize portable device nowadays, and in this scenario, people would easily consider deliveries and doorstep solutions. ConnectPOS applications ensure the products should reach the desired location together with the guarantee that the customers may get the specific product they ordered.

Goods Receiving Notes (GRN):

Goods receiving notes formally called GRN is a document which enables retailers to take partial or complete inventory status contrary to the items bought whose details are found in a purchase order (PO).

Mobile shops are the areas which manage various sorts of customers from various cities, so it’s crucial to have a check and balance of the stock upon the purchases from the providers. Retail ConnectPOS applications help keep up with the purchase information and money collection concerning the sales.

GRN reports are critical for stock health and the merchant’s information. They supply concise reporting about the inventory and the brands easily purchased.

Goods Return Notes:

Goods yield note is a document that’s accompanied by the incorrect product returned to the provider. This document serves as evidence about the sort of product received differs from what has been ordered.

There are many motives for returning the purchased items back to the provider, the reason might be attributed to the unavailability of reductions on costly items or the product received may get malfunctioned or damaged when received.

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The retail POS system from the mobile shop should take those notes together with the products and notify the merchant the next product has arrived back in the stock so a suitable replacement must get posted back to the client.

The replacement is a chance to improve sales, retailers can offer clients a percentage of reduction in the upcoming sale so he’ll return to you with the head high and expectations he will find the best possible outcome of his visit.

ConnectPOS offers the greatest possible returns to its clients with the guarantee of best services in town, the retail application by ConnectPOS always handles the checks and balances of the merchandise offered and comes back with a note that this ambiguity shouldn’t happen again.


The retail businesses are the real strength of this market. The mobile/cellular stores where the component of such retail industry, to incorporate excellent sales and positivity in the company applications such as the retail POS systems provided by ConnectPOS, are a true source of aid for small to medium size mobile phone retailers.

It’s helped them in keeping a balance in the stock, and its function in maintaining the sales and purchase records for the merchants is exceptional. That’s why it’s the priority of local and worldwide retailers.


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