5 Steps to a More Efficient Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce owners and owners seek enhanced productivity. Whether you’re trying to scale your business faster, start new attributes, or enhance your operations, here are five productivity hints that I practice when conducting my businesses.


Eat your Frog Early

When you arrive at the office each morning, do you dive right into your main job or do you receive the minor things out of the way ? Writer and personal development trainer Brian Tracy says that the former is significantly more effective in terms of productivity.

In his book Eat That Frog! : 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, Tracy mentioned a famous Mark Twain quote,”Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

He utilized frog eating as a metaphor for job completion, where the frog”is the biggest, most important job, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on in the event you do not do something about it.” Finish that task as soon as possible, and you can spend the rest of the day knowing that you have accomplished a large aim.

Author Brian Tracy suggests covering major issues early in the day, to raise productivity.

Resist the need to complete smaller jobs . Doing this will only feed your procrastination and will not take you any farther towards finishing your big tasks.

When deciding what to prioritize in your organization, always place your highest-impact goals on top of your to-do list. What step can you take now that will have the largest effect on your organization? Start with that, and delegate or hold-off on the low-level tasks. This hard to do. It’s something I must remind myself everyday.

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Have a Meeting Policy

If you have to hold meetings in your organization, keep them short. Always have an agenda and a clear purpose for the meeting so that nobody asks,”What are we talking about now?”

You might also want to think about having company-wide policies that inform people when and how to set up meetings. Some companies for instance, always hold meetings on the exact day and time each week — e.g., Monday mornings, Thursday afternoons. This program enables people to plan their days and weeks more efficiently.

Boost your Relationships with Vendors

You optimize your site for speed and user-friendliness. Why don’t you do the same to your suppliers and service providers?

Check with your vendors to make certain you’re working effectively. Ask if there is anything you can do to make their jobs easier, or recommend any improvements that they can implement. Do not view your connection as a service provider and customer. Instead, treat your vendors as your spouses.

Have a cue from ecommerce picture digitation service ScanMyPhotos.com. According to president and CEO Mitch Goldstone, working closely with his vendors helped to increase efficiency and enhance relationships. “To improve our workflow, produce better solutions, and always innovate, we encourage our vendors to think of us as a partner. After all, the better we do, the better they do.”

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ScanMyPhotos.com did that with the United States Postal Service. According to Goldstone, he encouraged the USPS to go to ScanMyPhotos.com’s corporate headquarters in Irvine, Calif.”We asked them to examine our entire delivery performance and the technology that drives our fulfillment services. Many, many components that we thought helped streamline the company were incorrect. The USPS advertising team became our very best partner to reinvent everything.”

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Follow the 80-20 Rule

Produced by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the 80-20 rule says that for many conditions, about 80 percent of the effects or outcomes come from only 20 percent of the triggers. Pareto came up with it when he noticed that about 80 percent of Italy’s property was owned by 20 percent of the populace.

In business, the 80-20 rule comes into play when 80 percent of a provider’s customers are generated from 20 percent of its sales staff, or when 80 percent of returns come from 20 percent of its clients.

Ascertain how the 80-20 principle applies to your company, then address that 20 percent so it is possible to create more results, or remove problems.

As an example, if you find that 80 percent of your profits come from 20 percent of your clients, then cultivate your relationships with these customers and reward them for their loyalty. Or maybe you notice that 20 percent of your internet advertising efforts are earning 80 percent of your website traffic. Stop spending funds on the low-performing strategies, and concentrate your efforts on the stations that work.



A cluttered workplace is annoying, distracting, and will get out of control if you allow it. Keep clutter by frequently tidying up.

Clutter may also exist within the mind. In precisely the exact same way that having heaps of paper on your desk may prevent you from finding a pencil, having too many ideas can suppress your focus.

Fix it by de-cluttering mind. Use a mind-mapping tool like bubbl.us or MindMeister to arrange all of the thoughts, tasks, or worries in mind.

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