5 Characteristics of a Liquor Store POS System

Are you seeking a new liquor store POS system or replacing a legacy system?

As you probably know, finding the best liquor store POS system for your business requires careful planning and preparation. As an industry-leading POS supplier , we’ve got a bunch of experience orienting teams towards an perfect solution. The question is, what liquor store POS system features if your company prioritize in its hunt for high-value POS hardware and software?


5 Characteristics of a Liquor Store POS System

Unfortunately, when it comes to liquor store POS systems, not all systems are created equal. Furthermore, there are a couple of unique requirements that liquor store business owners want in a high-value POS system.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the very best liquor store POS systems that you ought to prioritize when looking for a new POS system or replacing a legacy system.

1. Age Verification

The best liquor store POS systems come equipped with age verification tools. Unfortunately, selling to underage customers is among the biggest issues liquor shops face. Terrific POS systems prevent business owners from making that mistake.

POS Country makes it simple and easy to confirm that clients are over 21. Most liquor store owners utilizing POS Country update to an ID scanner. Just scan and go — it’s that simple!

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2. Cash Discounting

It is worth noting that money discounting can be important for liquor shops. Some POS systems come equipped with money discounting choices. In this scenario, for those clients able to pay money, the company owner can provide enticing discounts.

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Using Cash Register Express for a long time at his first shop, Mike Ryan was seeking a POS company because of his new shop, Lebanon Wine & Spirits. After hunting through a number of point of sale suppliers, Mike found himself viewing POS Country videos for hours. Mike decided to proceed with POS Country after learning about new CRE attributes and techniques from POS Country resources.

3. Advanced Inventory and Tracking

Regrettably, inventory shrinkage and theft are important issues for many retailers. These issues are much more complicated for liquor retailers given the portability and value of spirits products. Because of this, a liquor POS system with barcode scanning allows for precise inventory tracking, quicker counts, as well as the prevention of theft.

4. Sales Reporting

To create a successful liquor store, business owners need up-to-date and accurate sales reporting. With built in sales reporting and analysis, POS Country helps business owners know which brands are driving sales and developing the organization. This permits you to track sales across sections.

5. Advanced Payment Capabilities

To drive greater business and a better customer experience, the spirits POS system must adapt different payment kinds of payment. Gift card, credit card, debit card, mobile payment, money, or EBT? POS Country’s liquor POS system takes all of these payment choices.

Invest in the Best Liquor Store POS System for Your Small Business

There is a reason why more company owners and managers associate with ConnectPOS.

ConnectPOS provides a complete POS system to streamline company. We enable organizations to increase checkout, create happier clients, and develop business. And with zero hidden charges and no permanent contracts, POS Country is an perfect solutions partner for developing liquor shop companies.

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The reality is that the majority of point of sale suppliers overcharge and underdeliver. Businesses like yours invest thousands of dollars annually on overpriced, ineffective, and obsolete POS solutions. There is a better way.

As an perfect next step, we recommend taking the quiz below. We’ll help you find the best POS solution for your growing company!


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