4 ways to grow your business with Pinterest

Pinterest is without any doubt one of the best social networking platforms accessible to date. The website lets you bookmark links and images to pages. In Pinterest language, these bookmarked items are known as’pins’. Thus, the title’Pinterest’ — in which you pin interesting things!

The social networking platform is becoming more and more popular daily. Some experts forecast that Pinterest will have users in access of 50 million annually 2016. Interesting enough, studies have found’pinners’ to be avid shoppers with 93 percent of these having had shopped online in previous 6 months.

What does this mean to your small business?

If you’re not using the Pinterest to your company marketing, it’s most likely the perfect time to reconsider. Here are three handy tips on how Pinterest can help small businesses increase their sales.

1. Invite guest pinners

Not every company has a massive budget to spend on marketing. Luckily, this advertising tactic only requires some attempts and no financial outlay. Your loyal customers can be your main promoters on social networking. Especially on Pinterest, you are able to incentivize your loyal customers to make Pinterest boards or probably offer guest pins on your present boards.

By way of instance, a lady’s fashion clothing store can set up a board for visitors to make curated collections of purchased products. It is possible to encourage more clients with loyalty points or percent reductions for posting pins on guest boards.

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This won’t only help you win new clients but also convert some regulars into loyal clients.

2. Host a competition on Pinterest

Every human being enjoys idea of winning something, the satisfaction is always larger than the value of items that are won. So, its quite obvious that competition pins are extremely powerful for small businesses. However, please bear in mind that Pinterest has strict and specific rules concerning pin-based competitions. Provided that you comply with the guidelines, it is all good e.g.: create a competition requiring users to trace your Pinterest webpage or likely offer to pin their favorite things in your store for an opportunity to win.

This method is quite helpful in gaining new followers. At exactly the exact same time, you get to highlight your products outside of your in-store screen.

3. Conquer the iron while sexy

You may have already heard about buyable hooks on Pinterest. This is a fairly new feature that allows Pinterest users to click a”Buy It” button to buy an item instead of simply pinning it to buy later on.

It’s about having the ability to grab the moment and beat the iron while it’s hot making perfect sense. There’s a good deal of buzz about it and likely seen among the up and coming game changer features on social networking.

4. Makes your hooks count

This is more of an excellent guideline. It’s extremely important to make sure that your hooks link back to relevant, high quality content featuring right pin picture or video. Did I say it’s extremely important? — Pins with apparently irrelevant connections are most likely to be demoted.

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To conclude, Pinterest can help you gain new clients, effectively advertise your brick-and-mortar shop on the web, upsell products and much more. However, please bear in mind that patience is vital. When you’re marketing with Pinterest, there are no immediate results and it may take a little time. Some studies show that it may take up to 3 weeks until your pins create new traffic. It’s essential to be patient and go for quality, not the quantity.

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