4 Deployment Best Practices for Your Restaurant

It’s very important that your POS solutions vendor works closely with your teams to understand your company culture, as well as the goals related to your deployment.

1. Understanding of Why

Successful deployments start with a message from the corporate thing on rationale, or why”why”. The corporate staff should explain to employees and franchisees the motivation behind the change, including a clear explanation of this objective. There should be a particular call-out to franchisees, articulating the company benefit they’ll receive: Maybe an increase in order precision, better reporting and analytics to handle their business, streamlined operations to enhance the customer experience, new mobile technology to better engage with their customers, greater security measure to deal with the risk of a breach. A POS software deployment isn’t merely a remedy to repair a technology or operational issue, but it may also create enhanced capacities and requirements for greater revenue and profitability.

2. Carefully Constructed Alternatives for Franchisees

When a job is faked, not all franchisees will adopt the solution. Some franchisees will need to fully understand what their choices are, and what’s required. Most often, the choices come in the kind of support choices. Some operators prefer the reassurance that’s afforded by on-site support. It’s essential for franchisees to be permitted to make decisions about what services best fit their budget and operations, if it be Advanced Exchange, Depot, or Field Service options. Make certain your POS vendor showcases their portfolio of service offerings and choose what makes the most sense for your operation.

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3. Enforcement and communication of Franchisee Responsibilities

All deployments include some degree of involvement and responsibility on the part of the franchisee. The franchisee is as much the client as the software purchaser, and our aim is to delight them with the new experience. The franchisee in reaction must engage to guarantee success. What’s most important is that the Corporate Client works with a representative of the franchisee foundation to develop a strategy to communicate and apply the responsibilities of the customer. What will the franchisees be asked to contribute concerning information and site readiness and in what time period?

4. A Successful Communication Strategy

Deploying a new POS system can be an overwhelming process, where communication between multiple parties is very important. The communication strategy to franchisees for a POS deployment can be as straightforward as a schedule and how to generate a purchase — it can be a complicated arrangement of multiple vendors and choice points. Make certain to work with your POS vendor to avoid any dangers of a successful technology deployment. Creating a plan that’s known and supported by all parties, will help ensure that the procedure is seamless.

Follow these tips next time you deploy new technology!

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